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    Who’s Afraid Of The “Arab Street”?

    Who’s Afraid Of The “Arab Street”?

    In the wake of the overthrow of Hosni Mubarek, we have heard much praise for the “Arab Street,” including by Roger Cohen writing in The New York Times two days ago:

    In the Middle East you expect the worst. But having watched Egypt’s extraordinary civic achievement in building the coalition that ousted Mubarak, having watched Tahrir Square become cooperation central, and having watched the professionalism of the Egyptian army, I’m convinced the country has what it takes to build a decent, representative society — one that gives the lie to all the stereotypes associated with that dismissive shorthand “The Arab Street.”

    In fact, post-Tahrir, let’s retire that phrase.

    Let’s not retire the phrase. 

    There is a reason Jews in particular fear the “Arab Street” and that fear has not gone away, as this recent video of “death to the Jews” being chanted outside a synagogue in Tunisia shows (h/t Solomonia):

    The use of the term “Arab Street” has nothing to do with those in the Arab world who preach tolerance and want peace.  Those demonstrators should be praised.  Unfortunately, those with a Western bent never seem to control the street for long.

    The “Arab Street” is bad enough when it is marching outside a synagogue in a country which has few Jews left. 

    If the “Arab Street” takes over the largest military in the Arab world bordering Israel, I wonder if Roger Cohen still will be singing its praises.

    Update:  In a story just reported, it turns out that in the moments after Hosni Mubarek resigned the crowds in Tahrir square were not all so peaceful, Lara Logan Suffered ‘Brutal’ Sexual Assault In Egypt.  I assume that will be Roger Cohen’s next column.
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    This is just another example of the MSM bloviating on what they don't understand, or choose to misinterpret. The "Arab Street" is organized, with the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots working to steal any breath of freedom these people hope to obtain.

    Related: I saw this vidoe yesterday, and was so happy to see someone who has a rational, reasoned view of what has been happening (vs. the MSM losers at Morning Joe): – via Hot Air. The video is well worth watching to the end. Joe Scarborough reveals his true liberal self in the very last quote. Shameful.

    Another excellent view on the Mid-East turmoil comes from Glenn Beck (don't tell me he's nuts – just watch, see if what he presents is accurate, then decide – keep an open mind):

    Beck shows some interesting details that few if any even are aware of, and Ferguson splashes cold water on the MSNBC leftists who don't have a clue what is really happening in Egypt, let alone the Middle East.

    Thankfully, Israel has been on track with their assessment of this unrest; I continue to pray for the peace of Israel, and stand with them while the rest of the Middle East melts down. I also pray for those brave protesters in Iran – may they finally have liberty and release from their Muslim tyrant-dictators.

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