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    They Just Can’t Let Go Of The Birthplace And Religion Issues

    They Just Can’t Let Go Of The Birthplace And Religion Issues

    They just can’t let go of the issues of where Obama was born or his religion.

    Not Obama’s opponents, but his political and media supporters, who insist on a political purity test from Republicans, and who use the “refused to repudiate” line of attack on all who do not comply.

    David Gregory asked John Boehner this weekend where Boehner thought Obama was born and to what religion Obama subscribed.  Boehner, who was not the one to bring up the subjects, gave the only answer he could:

    “It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think,” Boehner said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” when asked about a recent focus group of Iowa voters shown on Fox News during which several said they believe Obama is Muslim.

    “The state of Hawaii has said he was born there. That’s good enough for me,” Boehner said. “The president says he’s a Christian. I accept him at his word.” 

    What is wrong with this answer?

    The word of the State of Hawaii officials is what we have, since Obama has failed to follow the advice of his family friend, Hawaii Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie, and supporters such as Chris Matthews, David Corn and Clarence Page, to authorize the release of his original birth certificate.  That’s Obama’s choice under Hawaii law, but when someone running for president refuses to release such ordinary documentation (John McCain released his birth certificate) it allows speculation and conspiracy theories to flourish.

    As I have pointed out before, Obama and his supporters have been playing the “birther card” for years as a means of demonizing opponents who do not pledge allegiance to Obama’s narrative.  This strategy has backfired, as witnessed by the focus group mentioned in the quote above.

    As to Obama’s religion, what else was Boehner supposed to say?  He takes Obama at his word.  Should Boehner have sworn on a stack of Bibles to something only Obama could know for sure?  Obama is not the first candidate whose religious principles have been questioned and he will not be the last.  Whether such questioning is fair or appropriate is one thing; but only the candidate himself can dispel any doubts which may linger in the electorate.

    Yet Boehner has come under criticism for not educating the masses, as if that were Boehner’s job on these issues.  Witness Jonathan Capehart at The Washington Post:

    “… in the face of a persistent lie that has ensnared way too many in his party,  it is incumbent upon those who know better to tell the uneducated or the mistaken what the truth is.”

    What Capehart wants is a religious faith in facts which are presumed to be true, but which are under the control of Obama. 

    There is someone who could educate the masses.  He should do so.

    Update:  Jim Treacher notes:

    I don’t recall anybody ever asking Nancy Pelosi if it was her job to correct any of the myths and misinformation that were spread about George Bush. Yet David Gregory seems to think John Boehner is obliged to perform that service for Barack Obama.

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    I agree with Bill Maher on the subject of BO's religion. He's definitely not a Christian if he ever espoused the religious views of his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Wright preaches what we real Christians used to call heretical doctrine. The core of Wright's religion and ideology is that there is no reality other than material reality (Marxism); that Jesus was a man "of color" who advocated violent class and race struggle (Marxism & Racial Supremacy akin to neo-Darwinist ideology espoused by the leaders of the Third Reich); and Wright also preaches an eschatology in which the Kingdom of God will come only when the oppressed (people of color) rise up against their oppressors (whites and Jews), and not incidentally, this new Kingdom of God will come to pass here in this material world in which we live because there is no other. The President attended Wright's religious services for about 20 years, but claims that he knew nothing about all this talk of liberation theology, and that he couldn't possibly bring himself to speak out against Wright because … well … just don't ask him to do it; he can't. And so he has not put the issue of his religious faith behind him. The issue is not whether Obama is a Christian or not; the issue is whether he is a REAL Christian or a heretic claiming to be a Christian. Likewise, just because Jeremiah Wright claims to be a Christian and a Christian minister does not make him one. He believes in some of the ugliest and most hateful ideologies in history, and we have a right not to take Wright's word or Obama's word for anything.

    Did David Gregory ever ask a DhimmiKKKrat to defend the Tea Party when the left was calling them racists?

    kmn's "facts" are not facts. Or else, the "fact" that the NYTs, which found that the recount in 2000 turned out in Bush's favor, is really just a lie.

    Loony tunes like kmn live to troll.

    Sean said…

    "President Obama released his birth certificate to the world in 2008. That state-issued legal document states that he was born in Hawaii."

    You are misinformed. Obama has yet to release nor anything. If he had, he would site that as his reason for not re-releasing them. You are probably referring to the purported copies of his Certificate of Live Birth being presented at a couple of online sites. They are probably forgeries but Hawaii continues to refuse to authenticate them and to release certified originals.

    Call me any name in the book just release your documents.

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