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    The Yuppie Revolution In Egypt Is Over, The Islamist Revolution Has Begun

    The Yuppie Revolution In Egypt Is Over, The Islamist Revolution Has Begun

    When it came to overthrowing Hosni Mubarek, the western media thrust itself into the situation and portrayed the uprising as a western-style demand for freedom.

    The television screens were filled with stories of relatively western figures such as Google employee Wael Ghonim, who became the face of the new Egypt — educated, professional, and desirous of freedom as we know it.

    Now that Mubarek is gone, the western media mostly has moved on to the next revolution, secure in the perception that Egypt is moving in the right direction.

    But that is a false comfort. As I posted yesterday, over a million Egyptians turned out in Tahrir Square last Friday to cheer the vile anti-Semitic Sunni cleric Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who had been exiled by Mubarek, and who espouses the fundamentalist Islamic view that Jews must live as Dhimmis under Islamic control.  Instead of accurately reporting the significance of this event, The New York Times whitewashed the cleric as someone who supports a “a pluralistic, multiparty, civil democracy.”

    Here is the video of the rally (in Arabic, via Israel Matzav) with the crowd chanting:

    “To Jerusalem We go, for us to be the Martyrs of the Millions.”

    [Added: Partial transcript and video of speech with translation at links.]

    Where was the western hero Ghonim?

    He tried to take the microphone to speak to the crowd, presumably to preach his western values, but he was kept off the stage by Sheik al-Qaradawi’s security. 

    But you probably haven’t heard that, because it was not widely reported, except by AFP, Egypt protest hero Wael Ghonim barred from stage (h/t Israel Matzav):

    Google executive Wael Ghonim, who emerged as a leading voice in Egypt’s uprising, was barred from the stage in Tahrir Square on Friday by security guards, an AFP photographer said. Ghonim tried to take the stage in Tahrir, the epicentre of anti-regime protests that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, b ut men who appeared to be guarding influential Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi barred him from doing so.

    Ghonim, who was angered by the episode, then left the square with his face hidden by an Egyptian flag.

    This is the problem with those, like Roger Cohen in The New York Times, who glorify the “Arab Street.”  Ghonim was not the face of the “Arab Street,” he merely was a face to which western media could relate.

    Will the western media be as vigorous in exposing what is going on now in Egypt as it was in exposing the wrongs of Mubarek?  I think not, because the truth — that the western media acted as willing dupes once again — hits too close to home.

    As for Ghonim, expect him to follow the path of the intelligentsia wherever Islamist forces have taken control.  He’ll move to the United States, where he will sit down for another 60 Minutes interview lamenting what has become of his beloved Egypt.

    Update:  Be sure to read Barry Rubin’s Egypt Gets Its Khomeini: Qaradawi Returns in Triumph and MEMRI’s compilation of Qaradawi’s sermons.

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    "It is impossible for an administration that thinks there is no value in religion to understand the ardent nature of those who think there is no other religion of value." – John

    That statement is spot on when it comes to facing the greatest threat to freedom today.

    So I guess the useful idiot is figuring out he has been a useful idiot. Someone needs to send him the T – shirt

    Wow. I hadn't seen this. A link is on the way.

    Ah the eternal neocon search for a new enemy and justification for vaster military budgets to sap the nation's economy. Why don't you just stop paying the Taliban money to not attack US supply lines and they would have a lot less for IEDs and ammo?

    The freedom fighters in Egypt said from the outset that this would be a broad coalition which included Islamists. They are educated and westernized, and this is not Iran 1979 as the neocon talking point takes pains to liken this to. Funny they never mention what came before 1979, a US-backed shah whose SAVAK secret police made Saddam look like an angel.

    The Egyptians will be just fine, and no one is buying the neocon "us against them," US dictator or the Muslim Brotherhood false choice anymore. Poor little Israel. What will she do? Who cares, as long as she doesn't try to drag the US into more of her wars. Remember the USS Liberty.

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