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    The Haunting Logan Photo As Metaphor

    The Haunting Logan Photo As Metaphor

    We don’t know the details of the “brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating” of CBS News correspondent Lara Logan in Tahrir Square as the Egyptian crowd celebrated the resignation of Hosni Mubarek, but we know enough.

    Lara Logan Tahrir Square large

    Among the things we know is that the night before the attack Logan had been accused by Egyptian police of being an Israeli agent, and that the crowd shouted “Jew! Jew!” as it attacked her, similar to chants of death to the Jews outside a synagogue in Tunisia.

    One of the haunting aspects of the reported story is that photo of Logan in the moments before the attack, as the angry crowd swirled around her and she seemed to recognize that she was in trouble.

    We don’t know enough yet to say if any of the young men in the photo were the attackers, but the looks on their faces and their gestures suggest they were out for something more than celebration.

    This photo says so much not only about the crime, but about the Middle East.

    The photo is a metaphor for how the Israelis must feel surrounded by countries which, whether they have made peace with Israel or not, have populations that could easily rise up against the Jews much as the crowd in Tahrir Square so suddenly turned on Logan.

    There is no appeasing such crowds.  Someone please tell Obama.

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    @Tlaloc: You must not be an American, or if you are you must not know what it means to be an American without smearing its connotation. The Arab world is a seething dung hole filled with people preying on each others' miseries and self-loathing. If Americans hold a better picture of themselves and each other, enough to see the metaphorical relevance of what happened ot Logan in a state manipulated "transformation to democracy", then it IS more perspective than your democracy flag waving movement has. The Egyptians in the square are no more capable of choosing human liberty as a basis for their own self-governance than a group of pre-schoolers left in the wilds. Yours is a moronic comeback to the astute commentary afforded us by an American who can see the specter of jihadi shadows at work in Egypt. You are a joke.

    I think you're reading too much into the photo. All I see in the men's faces is the usual mugging for the camera, wanting to be on TV, signing V-for-victory, etc. She looks preoccupied, not afraid.

    As for the "brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating", all we have is that single, unsubstantiated phrase. Sexual assault has been used to refer to anything from a pat on the fanny to gang rape. Any photos or videos of the alleged violence or visible effects? I haven't heard or read any specific descriptions besides this characterization.

    It's easy to read things into an image, if you first imagine a truly "brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating" is just about to happen.

    As a matter of fact, what happens to one American woman is more important, to me. I am an American, you see.

    Individual rights is one of those sticky points that *Egyptian democracy* is going to have to begin to understand.

    Yesterday I posted a few comments on a prior thread here openly questioning the foot-dragging tact taken by CBS in their "pursuit" of this story.

    Now, Michael Graham, in a column just published in the Boston Globe, is provocatively accusing CBS of complicity in the news cover-up of the incident. Said he:

    But CBS? They sat on their own story. For five days, as reporters reveled amid giddy celebrations in Tahrir Square, and as President Obama praised President Obama's handling of the Egyptian crisis, CBS reported nothing.

    Only when other media had the story did CBS break the news that its own chief foreign correspondent was the victim of "a brutal and sustained sexual assault."

    Pretty tough stuff!

    The 5-day timeline, which he reiterates, certainly raises very serious questions in that regard. They did sit on it for several days.

    And, as I specifically suggested in one prior comment here at Le•gal In•sur•rec•tion, the nature of the terse CBS News response is perhaps the most damning bit of evidence, particularly this portion of the statement, since removed, by the way!

    "There will be no further comment from CBS News and correspondent Logan and her family respectfully request privacy at this time."

    That portion has now been replaced with:

    "Update: Logan left the hospital on Wed. Feb. 16, to recover in her Washington, D.C. home. She received a call from President Obama expressing his concern."

    In other words, CBS tried to kill the story, first by burying it for several days amid the celebrations, and then by putting out a short and very unspecific statement, with no details about who the mob members were (or might have been), or about the anti-Semitic slurs they chanted as they brutally assaulted Logan. Did they ask the State Department lodge any form of complaint with the Army, now in charge?

    Every bit of evidence, it seems, suggests that Michael Graham is correct in his charge of CBS complicity in the news cover-up of the incident.

    Why? Could they be seriously concerned about exposure of their almost unbelievable lack of good judgment regarding security, or does it go beyond that?

    You are seriously angry with the US complying with International law, specifically UN Resolution 242? Israeli settlements ARE illegal under international law.

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure Israel feels safe behind its nukes, which no other nation in the region has. Kinda hard to "bring the mob," when all Bibi has to do is drop a nuke on the divisions on his border.

    Still, barring that, one wonders where this apocalyptic fever dream of yours originates. Tunisia ain't invading Israel (look at a map), the Egyptian Army has made it perfectly clear they run Egypt and not one of them is risking his fortune by attacking Israel. Syria can't control Lebanon and the Alawite minority is scared enough of Syrians to let the Army leave, and Jordan's army is smaller than the Cornell campus police force.

    The only Israel has to fear is that a) Likud-ites in America will stop running the Republican government or b) the Palestinians will the demographic war in 35-50 years.

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