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    So Tell Me About Chris Christie

    So Tell Me About Chris Christie

    We’ve seen the videos:

    And now we’re hearing from Ann Coulter (h/t @Allahpundit):

    “I would say he’s the only Republican who could win,” Coulter said on “Fox & Friends.”

    Though the first-term New Jersey governor has repeatedly said he won’t run for the White House, Coulter isn’t convinced.

    “I’ll be interested in what he says in August or September,” Coulter said. “It would be insane for him to give any hints right now.”

    Coulter slammed previous Republican presidential candidates, saying they “can’t talk” and “are not manly.”

    “We haven’t run an articulate Republican for president since Ronald Reagan. It’s amazing we have won any presidential elections at all,” she said.

    So tell me about Chris Christie.

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    I want to really like Chris Christie, but I think many Conservatives who are so enamored with him are falling for the rhetorical flashes and hope, and missing the bigger picture. Like Rudy Giuliani, he brings an unapologetic prosecutorial style to attacking an unaddressed problem (crime and corruption in Rudy's case; unions in Christie's), that many Conservatives- for all of their philosophical tough-talk- are too meek to challenge (for fears that they will be personally smeared).

    While the GOP could certainly use a lot more politicians utilizing this style in confronting their opponents, Christie's political record feels so discombobulated when you look below the surface (especially if you look at it from a national perspective). While some Conservatives have faulted him for some of his social views (and 2 Amendment beliefs, and his stance on the Ground Zero Mosque issue, etc.), my concern is more direct: he wants us to believe that unions are a serious budgetary problem- which they are, of course- but then he's (uncharacteristically…) mute on other pressing problems we face. Isn't Cap and Trade a problem hurting the economy and budgets (among other things)? Amnesty for illegals? Obamacare?

    Then how come he hasn't used his hard-charging style to take on these problems in his own state? It shouldn't be that difficult if he's really as good in such confrontations as they say he is. The alternative assumption is to say that he hasn't addressed these issues because he supports them. And that's a real problem.

    I have no issue with a blue state, right-leaning Republican making pragmatic compromises under the proper circumstances in order to get re-elected. As much as we sometimes wish that everybody could vote like Jim DeMint, it simply isn't feasible. But I want to know internally "where is it really coming from"? Is Christie, or any blue state Republican for that matter, open to addressing these issues if he's the nominee, or is his current stance part of his ingrained political philosophy ? I don't want to write him off by any means, but if it's the former case, he definitely needs improvement if he's serious about a national run.

    " … he's the only one that can out-Obama, Obama."

    As in "fighting fire with fire?"

    Are you an indomitable army? Have you fire/maneuver assets able to rout self-promoting liars and crypto-tyrants from the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the US Government?

    He's mostly liberal, and he's definitely pro-Islam in the sense that he doesn't see Sharia as a problem (obviously, it's fundamentally opposed to everything America is and everything we hold dear). He's not pro-Israel (how could he be?), and while he's tough on unions, most of what others have said above is true. He's a better fit for blue New Jersey than for the red, white, and blue White House. Heck, he may even make the whole state a "sanctuary city" and hand the courts over to his buds in the Muslim Brotherhood.

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