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    Pawlenty Makes His Move?

    Pawlenty Makes His Move?

    Tim Pawlenty is taking a leading and unflinching public position supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the battle with public sector unions.

    As pointed out a The Hill, Pawlenty has been more aggressive and consistent at defending Walker:

    Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) sought Thursday to take the lead among possible GOP presidential candidates in bolstering Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) in his state’s labor dispute.

    Pawlenty released a video on Thursday boosting Walker and directing viewers to a petition in support of Walker, who’s locked in a major battle with state Democrats over a labor reform bill eliminating most collective bargaining rights for public employees.

    “The gig is up [sic] for public employee groups who demand better benefits than the taxpayers who are paying the bill,” the petition says. “I’m confident Governor Walker’s reforms will succeed in Wisconsin. Stand strong, Scott — average taxpayers everywhere are rooting for you.”

    For Pawlenty, the gambit is simple: As a former union member who’s been more willing to speak out on labor matters in the past, he could own the issue and score points with Republican primary voters, who might be inclined to support Walker.

    Mitch Daniels waffled on the issue, which may be more of a public relations issue than substance, as he has been strong on the issue in the past.

    Is this the move for which Pawlenty has been waiting to propel himself out of the pack?

    I’m beginning to think I could be convinced about Pawlenty.

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    I think the issue of FICA taxes would be valid as well, given that income in retirement is subject to FICA, and money put into 401ks etc. is subject to FICA prior to contribution. And then there is the issue of distributions from 401ks and IRAs being subject to IRS penalties if taken before age 59 1/2, where it would only seem fair if those taxes also applied to pensions paid before 59 1/2. Then there are limits on contributions into 401ks, which might also be applied to the actuarial value of theoretical pension contributions made on the behalf of union members each year. Where's the fairness and equality?

    sort of runic rhyme | February 24, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    ord avg guy,

    If one reads sequentially from top to bottom, it sure looks as if your comment first brought up the sophomoric insults, low-hanging fruit, the word "thuggish," Koch industries, and just general nastiness.

    Was Koch mentioned in the vid? I haven't watched it, yet, but, when I "[caught] the blog post at the top of the page" (because I can read most words under three syllables), I thought it was about Pawlenty supporting Walker over the public sector unions issue.

    My bad if the post was really about Koch (and his big fat dollars buying "brave Walker" and helping "brave Pawlenty" in his bid for POWER over us all!!)

    Oh, everything is about Koch runic, haven't you noticed? Fact is, most leftys can't win any argument on it's merits, so their only tactic is to demonize individuals. What connection is there between the Koch brothers and Walker? None, as the prank call demonstrated. Still, if all you've got is a one trick pony, you flog it into atoms. It's getting old.

    Oh, and to get back on the subject, Palin wrote a pretty strong letter to union members t'other day dealing with this issue too. Haven't seen anything from other possible 2012 candidates yet.

    Pawlenty has been a critic of public employee unions for some time. His position on this showdown is completely consistent for him.

    I live in MN, and Pawlenty used to be on the local MPR call-in show every week or two (when he was Governor). I never heard him fumble a question. If he makes it as far as the debates, I think everyone will be impressed. Eloquent, well-informed, and conservative … the left's worst fears.

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