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    Obama Pushed Mubarek Out The Door But Has Been Silent About Gaddafi

    Obama Pushed Mubarek Out The Door But Has Been Silent About Gaddafi

    The Obama administration was very active in sheparding Hosni Mubarek out of power in Egypt, yet has been almost silent until today about Muammar Gaddafi, even as Libyan troops have used aircraft to bomb protesters.


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    sort of runic rhyme | February 21, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    It's simple-minded to believe Obama and team are just being stupid.

    What the Iranian demonstrators and the Mubarek regime have in common is a lessened antipathy toward the US and Israel.

    The others, well, out of the radical clerics' mouths to western Progressive ears: Riot! Workers revolt! Muslims unite! Hate The Man! Blame America! Kill Jews! War against Israel! Cut the West's petro off! Give to the People! Brown power!

    It's about Prog conceits and politics justified. Obama, Michelle and their dinner guests can now point to how fixing the evils of American hubris and Israeli illegitimacy, constraining capitalism with Third World ascendancy and multicultural Social Justice, grooving to anti-western Islam chic, going green, and advancing the cause of global governance are now nigh upon us

    if only the WI gambit would succeed…

    You have to remember that Jeremiah Wright, Obama's "spiritual advisor" is a friend of Quaddafi's and visited him numerous times over the years. Could that have something to do with it?

    More deer in the headlights diplomacy from Obama. Give it at least a week. Clinton hasn't even had time yet to pronounce Libya stable.

    The Libyan regime wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for Israel's intransigence regarding the settlements.

    Tom has it right.

    Mubarak is a bastard, but he is our (pro-West) bastard. Khadaffi is also a bastard, but anti-West.

    Therefore in keeping with his mantra and history of appeasement and abasement, Obama trips all over himself to beat the crap out of Mubarak, while turning a blind eye and ignoring the crimes and human rights abuses of Khadaffi.

    Just a voice crying in the wilderness (a conservative living in the People's Republic of Maryland).

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