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    Obama Acted Stupidly In Picking Sides Against The Taxpayers

    Obama Acted Stupidly In Picking Sides Against The Taxpayers

    The drama unfolding in Wisconsin has the potential to be a defining moment in the 2012 presidential campaign because Obama openly has picked sides against the taxpayers in favor of public sector unions:

    President Obama thrust himself and his political operation this week into Wisconsin’s broiling budget battle, mobilizing opposition Thursday to a Republican bill that would curb public-worker benefits and planning similar protests in other state capitals.

    Obama accused Scott Walker, the state’s new Republican governor, of unleashing an “assault” on unions in pushing emergency legislation that would change future collective-bargaining agreements that affect most public employees, including teachers.

    The president’s political machine worked in close coordination Thursday with state and national union officials to get thousands of protesters to gather in Madison and to plan similar demonstrations in other state capitals.

    Obama has cast his lot with unions which seek to perpetuate a system of benefits which is destroying state budgets.  The Governor of Wisconsin only wants to move these benefits more in line with the private sector and other states:

    Mr. Walker’s very modest proposal would take away the ability of most government employees to collectively bargain for benefits. They could still bargain for higher wages, but future wage increases would be capped at the federal Consumer Price Index, unless otherwise specified by a voter referendum. The bill would also require union members to contribute 5.8% of salary toward their pensions and chip in 12.6% of the cost of their health insurance premiums.

    If those numbers don’t sound outrageous, you probably work in the private economy. The comparable nationwide employee health-care contribution is 20% for private industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average employee contribution from take-home pay for retirement was 7.5% in 2009, according to the Employee Benefits Research Institute.

    Obama acted stupidly.


    From the stupidly archives:

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    To address a couple of points that I forgot and folks commented on:
    Many times unions have accepted no raises (not even cost of living) or wage cuts in exchange for holding the line on some benefits. How would you feel if your boss told you "no raise this year, but we won't increase the cost of your benefits this year". Then the next year he comes back and says "no raise again this year, and now we are jacking up your benefits to make up for the increase we didn't do last year". You'd be mighty unhappy. This is the situation many unions find themselves in.
    That being said, the Wisconsin benefits do seem a bit extravagant, and should be more in line with what is common in the private sector. One of the things I agree with is that elected officials should not be negotiating with the public unions on thses issues because of the conflict of interest in gaining votes. A private negotiator should negotiate on behalf of the taxpayers.
    As for the no good coming from the unions, most workplace safety has come from unions. OSHA was pushed hard by the unions. Most benefits like sick pay and vacation, and yes even health insurance was pushed for by the unions. Today these things are commonplace in the workplace, but many people forget that they once were not. Thank the unions for all of those thigs, because employers would not offer them if the unions hadn't pushed for them. Non-union companies picked up these benefits in order to compete with the union companies for employees. I think we would all agree these are good things that came from unions.
    Again, myself and many of my union colleages support the ideals of smaller government and lower taxes. We simply want the right to negotiate with our employer for safety, wages, and benefits. This is the same thing that is done by many people when they apply for a job and hold discussions with their prospective employer over wages and benefits before getting hired.

    We haven't seen such maliciousness at the UN since Andrew Young's horrific tenure there. Too bad Israel wasn't an enemy islamist regime then this Administration would be bending over to give it everything it wanted. The animosity of this Administration to faithful allies and its friendship to our dedicated enemies is breathtaking.

    From the piece "Voices from Wisconsin" by Chris Bowers on the Daily Kos site, this snippet:

    "And today, I received this email from a teacher in Chicago:

    … We've got two students we brought from our school, so this is their first time seeing actually political activism. They made signs and are ready for an adventure. This is the teachable moment you get into this work for."

    Good grief. Yes, I want my kids to grow up to be mindless progressive political activists like their teachers.

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