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    Now If Mubarek Were An Anti-American Dictator

    Now If Mubarek Were An Anti-American Dictator

    Let’s face it, he’d get the “hands off” treatment from this administration. Regime change seems to be United States policy only for our friends.

    Did Obama demand that Hugo Chavez transition to leave office when peaceful protesters were beaten in the streets of Caracas, or at any point as Chavez has used his thugs to intimidate the opposition? 

    Have we forgotten how Obama came to the assistance of Chavez-wannabe Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, based on plainly false arguments about Honduran law, and then helped organize international sanctions? Keeping an anti-American president-for-life in Honduras didn’t seem to be a problem, notwithstanding the rulings of the Honduran Supreme Court and legislature to the contrary.

    Remember the non-interference policy when Iran erupted with protests in June 2009 over rigged elections, and how the administration went out of its way not to meddle?  How is it that we insist on a policy of regime change for our closest Muslim ally but not our worst Muslim enemy?

    This administration still talks softly with anti-American regimes and carries a big stick with our friends.

    None of this means the administration is wrong about Egypt, but it sure would be nice for Obama to start making demands on our enemies too.

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    I think now is the perfect time for Obama to pull out that 'Nobel Peace Prize' and have someone carry it around next to Him every minute of the day to assure us all of His brilliance and vision.

    Pew Research has a number of studies on the views of the Egyptian street. They are not pretty. Egyptians claim to believe in freedom of religion, yet a majority say they believe in punishment for those who leave Islam. They hold to the practice of stoning and the chopping off of hands for theft. Not exactly a view that leads to democracy.

    Yet, we are being told that these are the people who are protesting for "freedom". How can you have true freedom when you people do not truely believe in freedom in all aspects, including religion? Why are the Coptic Christians still be murdered?

    I'm hopeful that wikileaks can shed some light on why we keep undermining our friends. So far, wikileaks has been a net positive.

    Let's take a look @ some of Pew's findings re: Egypt:

    85% of Egyptians view Islam as a positive influence on their politics

    61% of Egyptians were very, or somewhat, concerned about the rise of extremism in Egypt

    49% have a favorable view of Hamas (a Muslim Brotherhood spinoff)

    U.S favorablity rating

    2008 – 22%
    2010 – 17%

    So what does these figures tell us? That Egyptians are willing to accept Islamic shar'ia law in their political arena. That the are concerned about the rise in extremism from groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and that their positive view of the United States has diminised since 2008.

    sort of runic rhyme | February 5, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    Oh, the power of null to negative thinking by our current government. This is mathematically dedicated to the sum of Barry's administration whose foreign policy is run by an old Blame America First blonde and/plus the prospects of good things to come in the Suez and elsewhere: Dylan's song, or 0 + 0 = 0, and 0 + 0 – 1 = -1.

    Too bad those who delude themselves into thinking they're in (positive) charge can't more appropriately add: 1 + 1 + 1 + [etc] to equal an integer that gets us beyond nothing and to somewhere we all c/should be.

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