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    Hey HuffPo Bloggers – Was It Fun Working For Free To Make Arianna Richer?

    Hey HuffPo Bloggers – Was It Fun Working For Free To Make Arianna Richer?

    First, let me congratulate Arianna Huffington on selling The Huffington Post to AOL for a reported $315 million.  Isn’t America a great place?

    Arianna came up with a great business model.  Create a place where liberals could tell each other how smart they were, where they could write blog posts without being paid, and where they could create a community of commenters who routinely attacked the evil Republicans…

    and then sell out for mucho dinero.

    It always amazed me that HuffPo bloggers (not the handful of well paid staffers, but the great unwashed) thought they were so special by being allowed to blog at HuffPo, when in fact they were being treated as unindentured servants.  They were able leave, but they were working for free to help Arianna build a business.

    Who knew that the website devoted to a living wage and moral imperatives actually manged to get liberal bloggers to work for free to make money for the boss-lady and her investment banking investors.

    There’s a sucker born every minute….

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    I like to congrats Arianna as well. She get top grades as a capitalist. A great majority of liberals live their own lives as a capitalist but demand everyone else to live as a socialist

    Brilliant observation!

    From the NY Times, "By handing so much control over to Ms. Huffington and making her a public face of the company, AOL, which has been seen as apolitical, risks losing its nonpartisan image. Ms. Huffington said her politics would have no bearing on how she ran the new business."

    Her politics will have no bearing? AOL is apolitical? ha haa ha haaa hhhhaaaa!!!

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