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    50-State Union Protest Falls Far Short Of Predicted Turnout

    50-State Union Protest Falls Far Short Of Predicted Turnout

    Protests in support of Wisconsin public sector unions were organized by and labor unions today.

    Promoters, such as David Dayen at Firedoglake, were predicting a million-person turnout nationwide.  But reports as of 7:00 E.S.T. today make clear that other than in Madison, Wisconsin, the crowds were sparse.

    The turnout in Madison was sizable, with estimates ranging over from 50-70,000, which included protesters bused in from other states.  (Dayen is trying to pump the crowd estimate to over 100,000.) But elsewhere, the crowds numbered only in the hundreds or low thousands.

    In Washington, D.C., only about 500 people showed up (go to link for good photos of crazy signs). (Note, WaPo says 1000.)

    In Columbus, OH, where you would expect a big crowd given a similar controversy, only “several thousand” people protested

    Other head counts, based on news reports, include: Boston (1000), Portsmouth, N.H. (few hundred), Augusta, ME (small crowd), New York City (“several thousand“), Chicago (1000), Miami (100), Austin (several hundred), Chicago (1000); Lansing, MI (2000), Nashville (hundreds), Los Angeles (2000), Richmond, VA (300), Denver (1000); Frankfurt, KY (several hundred), Jefferson City, MO (several hundred), Harrisburg, PA (several hundred). 

    While I don’t have a complete count, based on these numbers from some major cities and labor states, total protesters nationwide (excluding Madison) likely totaled under 100,000 combined.

    Outside of Madison, there were no reports of sizable crowds.  And if you read the news reports, almost all the protesters were other union members.  Despite the efforts, the organizers failed to motivate significant numbers of non-union members to come out for protests.

    The 50-state protest was a failure, plain and simple, although the images from Madison may create the false impression of massive nationwide protests.

    Update:  As predicted, the mainstream media is painting the nationwide protest as a success.  The headlines talk about protests around the country, but the stories talk almost entirely about Madison, giving the false impression that there was widespread support around the country:

    • The New York Times, In Wisconsin and Beyond, Rallying Behind Unions, only had one factual reference to a protest outside Madison, nothwithstanding the headline:  “In Miami, about 150 people took part in a rally at Bayfront Park in solidarity with public employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere.”
    • AP, Protesters across US decry Wis. anti-union efforts: “Large crowds of teachers, firefighters and public workers also gathered for rallies — holding American flags, wearing pro-union clothing and holding signs — in other capital cities including Topeka, Kan.; Harrisburg, Pa.; and Olympia, Wash.”

    Since NYT and AP stories are run at thousands of local newspapers around the country who cannot create their own content, it is likely that most people in this country never will hear about the dismal turnout for these protests.  This is your biased MSM in action.

    Update 2-27-2011: Wisconsin Police Union Members Threaten Insurrection.
    Update 2-28-2011: MoveOn Confirms Paltry Protest Numbers.

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    The one here in Los Angeles had maybe 1,000 people. I'm not good at estimating crowd size. Here are some pictures and a video from it.

    And as jukeboxgrad watered the astroturf lawn with liquid Miracle-Gro, his buddy timb went around back to check on the coffee party seedlings. He fondly recalled the day they planted the seeds … how so many journalists had arrived like buzzing bees intent on pollination. He could almost smell the coffee beans. But timb's heart stopped as he stepped into the backyard. The coffee party seedlings were all dead.

    "Jukeboxgrad!! Come here!! Now!!" he cried. Juke was also devastated. He didn't tell timb that he hadn't bothered to water them. His neighbor never had to water his tea plants!! They peered over the fence into Neighbor Bill's backyard. That fence. The two had tried to get the community outraged over Bill putting up that simple fence, keeping them out of Bill's backyard. "Why are Bill's tea plants growing faster than weeds?" Juke demanded. "Those aren't tea plants!" timb shot back. "Those are Creeping Jews! Named for the Israeli settlements, you moron!!"

    Almost simultaneously, Juke and timb glanced at the chainsaw sitting on their back porch. "I was only 10 months away from getting my Certificate of Completion before I quit the "Charles Manson School of Pruning" timb boasted. "Heh heh … I'll take care of Bill's tea plants. Goodbye, tea plants!!"

    timb yanked the cord and the chainsaw roared to life. Before he could scream, he realized he was holding the wrong end.

    "Haha!" Juke laughed. "10 months away?! It was only a 6-month program. And you didn't quit. You flunked out, you moron!!"

    Most folks don't realize how heavily unionized the media is. So all the pieces fit the puzzle: the media are mostly Democrat, Democrats support unions, much of the media belong to unions, hence, biased media coverage of unions. Just ask yourself when is the last time you saw a media news story about union corruption? crickets chirping…….

    when is the last time you saw a media news story about union corruption?

    When is the last time you actually bothered to look? Try this search:

    It returns 16,200 results. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    @William Teach

    We had a photo from the roof of the building directly in front of the protest in Raleigh, counted 335 pro union supporters and 44 anti.

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