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    Wikipedia – Help!

    Wikipedia – Help!

    I didn’t know there was a Legal Insurrection entry at Wikipedia until I found out it had been deleted

    Can someone figure out what is going on?  Here is the Google cache version, if that helps.

    I need to fix this before my in-laws find out.

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    Hello from Australia. I've been editing Wikipedia for a few years, and can explain what's happening (but not reverse or prevent the deletions, alas).

    Despite what many people think, Wikipedia is NOT based on the knowledge of we who write it. Instead it is (supposedly) a collection of statements from 'reliable sources', meaning fact-checked publications such as newspapers, magazines, academic books, and academic papers. There's a general rule that any person, organization etc that has been the main topic of two or more 'reliable' reports is 'notable' enough for an article. (There are also specific rules about this 'wiki-notability' in specific areas: for example, any academic holding a named chair is automatically wiki-notable.) Moreover, any article which does not mention why the topic is wiki-notable can be deleted; this is what happened to the 'Legal Insurrection' article.

    If it's any consolation, Prof Jacobson, you are not the only conservative blogger to be disadvantaged by those rules. For both commercial and ideological reasons the MSM is very reluctant to cover (ie., give free publicity to) conservative blogs, so it is often very hard to demonstrate wiki-notability. As a related example, we once had a fairly good article about zombietime, but it was deleted despite my best efforts. (I'm the "CWC" in that discussion.)

    The wiki-notability rules have lots of problems (as does pretty much every area of Wikipedia, really…). A good set of rules would classify this blog as wiki-notable, but I have no idea how to write such rules, let alone get them accepted.

    And all this from the wonderful people at Wikipedia who falsely and libelously (slanderously?) attributed some silly racist quotes to Rush Limbaugh and allowed them to stand for years? Say it ain't so! These nasty folks use that site to break laws and take pot shots at anyone they disagree with, usually conservatives. I'd consider it a badge of honor, Wikipedia hates me also. They call my ideas "vandalism".

    BTW, congrats professor on reaching your 1,000 facebook "likes".

    Hi, Professor!

    The criteria for a WP article require that the topic's "notability" be demonstrated. The usual evidence for this is press coverage or other published writings on the subject (passing references may not be enough). If the article about your blog didn't have footnotes to demonstrate such coverage, it's a candidate for deletion, fair and square.

    I've taken part in a few deletion discussions on WP, and the participants do make a serious attempt to search the web for material to back up any article that has been proposed for deletion. When such material is found, some editor will add references to the article, and the deletion proposal is rejected. The discussion and voting is open to any Wikipedia user with a registered username, so there's no cabal running everything. If there's no consensus, no action is taken.

    A deletion decision is not final, and if the Professor or his blog become the subject of published writings in the future, then someone can create an article then.

    The whole point of Wikipedia is that anyone can edit it. Of course, that is the problem as well. I’ve edited many articles over the years, and finally created a user id in 2006. Just like here on Blogspot, that is a completely automated process which anyone can do. Most articles can be edited without even signing in, but some more heavily edited articles are protected, which requires the editor to sign in first. I can be reached on Wikipedia as “hald”.

    i wouldn't lose much sleep over any issue dealing with wiki.

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