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    Washington Post Now Not Even Trying To Hide Its Hatred Of Sarah Palin

    Washington Post Now Not Even Trying To Hide Its Hatred Of Sarah Palin

    I was going to write a post about Dana Milbank’s attention-seeking column in The Washington Post about how he supposedly is going to stop writing about or even talking about Sarah Palin for the month of February. 

    The Milbank column really is a window into the mind of mainstream media journalists and pundits.  To them, Palin is like the ticking of an out-of-reach wall clock in the middle of the night; they can’t get her out of their heads but they can’t seem to stop her no matter how many times they throw things at her.

    If this were just another case of Palin Derangement Syndrome, it probably would not be worth a post

    But as documented at Big Journalism (h/t Instapundit) WaPo is using its pages to promote Milbank’s other brilliant idea, a mainstream media boycott of Palin going beyond Milbank’s column.  WaPo has used its Twitter account and has run online polls in support of Milbank’s boycott.

    Rarely do we get such a clear example of the bias of the mainstream media and the extent to which it fears and hates Sarah Palin.

    But since she is “not electable” because of this media bias, we should throw Palin overboard and demand she not run and not be taken seriously by Republican voters, right? 

    Because Dana Milbank and the Editors of The Washington Post get to pick our candidates, right?


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    "Palin can't win. Stop wasting your time."

    "Remember you have no evidence to suggest that the significant majority of Americans who dislike Palin will change their minds about her. Therefore you're support for her is illogical, and plan stupid."

    I would call this really low-rent, Tokyo Rose.

    The first paragraph is pure hysterical, preemptive demoralization. The same thing could have been said about Barack Obama in 2006, or Ronald Reagan in 1979 — who lagged 20 points behind Carter and was widely viewed in the MSM as an extremist boob.

    The second sampling is funny. Sincrinon places on Palin supporters a burden of proof that people will ever change their minds about Palin. Two years before the election. I'll only respond to this silliness by saying that this is what campaigns are about — changing minds.

    But this leads to the Big Fear, which positively oozes from Sincrinon's so-very-dire posts. That is, the fear of Palin as an actual candidate. That would mean Palin in the game, Palin on the street, campaigning, being recognized as such — a whole other story and world from the pre-game show we're in right now when commenters are king. This is what they fear, and will go through endless verbal extrusions to keep from happening.

    Palin will run, and when she does, it's a new game.

    Huskers-For-Palin | January 24, 2011 at 12:03 am

    The game in not played on paper….it's played on the field.

    —9.5 % unemployement
    —Rising gas and fuel prices
    —EPA regs/fees on engery
    —Obamacare nightmare
    —The upcoming fights in DC

    Nothing is a slam dunk. The MSM is spinning that the "anger is gone", approval polls are up, the ecnomomy is sunshine. Folks, if Palin gets into the game, gets a chance to put out her message (no more Schmitt to hold her back), gets on the trail with big crowds, and DEBATES on LIVE TV, then things can take a life of its own. The DNC's fear of "Palin inertia" becomes clear.

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