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    So Tell Me About Mike Pence

    So Tell Me About Mike Pence

    Mark Tapscott at The Washington Examiner posted yesterday Why Mike Pence Should Run For President.

    A Google search reveals that there are a number of others also urging Pence to run.

    Pence has a self-imposed end of January deadline to decide.  So before he opts out of the presidential race to run for Governor (if that is his decision), tell me about Mike Pence.

    Update 1-27-2011 – Jim Geraghty is reporting that Pence will not be running for President.

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    He is a grown up, the old fashioned variety, of which we are in need. While he is a legislator, as is our current President, he does not vote present, nor play games.

    Just received the blessings this AM of Dick Armey. Called him the next Reagan,((Ron Sr).Always liked Armey,hated Newt,still do.Look forward to helping the next RR.

    The most successful GOP high profile (especially Senate) candidates in the 2010 elections all exhibited a competent, "let's get down to serious business" demeanor; the ones who appeared "flakey" at times or got sidetracked on personal issues and the like, all lost. Mike Pence definitely is in the former category, and I would be surprised if voters aren't looking for the same characteristic in 2012 with all of the massive problems the country is facing. Sure, there will be dirt thrown at him in the race, but his years as radio host should make him very good on his feet.

    Sharp, articulate, with low negatives. Conservatives will definitely support him over all the other current candidates who aren't named Gov. Palin. And in a Pence vs. Palin matchup, even though Pence has only been in the House, when you add up the number of years of political-related experience, it's a slight edge for Pence. It should make for an interesting battle if they both run.

    I'm still hoping for a "sleeper" governor to throw his hat in the race, but in the event that that doesn't happen, I really hope Pence runs…

    …Just saw the update as I typed that he's not running. Oh, well.

    It is a big loss that he has chosen not to run.

    He is one of the very few that could bridge the divide between the establishment and grassroot republicans.

    Very good for Indiana, bad for the rest of us. I was fully ready to go all in for Pence.

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