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    Person Tweeting Death Wish For Palin Now Wants Privacy

    Person Tweeting Death Wish For Palin Now Wants Privacy

    I linked earlier to a YouTube video montage of death wishes tweeted about Sarah Palin after various bloggers maliciously linked Palin’s electoral target map to the Tucson shooting.

    Now YouTube is threatening to pull the video because one of the people who sent a tweet has complained that the video violates her privacy.

    According to the YouTube notice, which appears at Big Journalism (h/t Aaron Worthing at Patterico), the person whose tweet appears at 1:50 of the video is the person who complained.  Here is the screen shot at 1:50:

    I have no idea what YouTube will do, but it does seem odd that someone would sent a death wish into the Twitter universe and then claim privacy.

    There are two principles at issue.  First, there is no expectation of privacy as to death wishes.  Second, there is no expectation of privacy on Twitter.

    Sorry lady, you’ll have to live with the consequences of your Tweet, because even if YouTube takes down the video, we all have screen shots.

    Which brings me to a third principle.  You can’t take it back on the internet.

    Update:  YouTube removed the video.  All of the screenshots have been saved by a reader, and are available here and also at Patterico.  A new location for the video will be linked once available.

    Here is the video:

    Palin Death Wish Tweets Re Tucson Shooting from Legal Insurrection on Vimeo.

    Update 1-13-2011:  Per Aaron Worthing, two of the persons (including Moriah Jovan) who sent tweets in the video assert that the tweets are not what they seem, and that they were mocking the death wishes, not making them.

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    So much for her privacy.

    FoxNews has picked up the story:

    And they link to another YouTube copy of the video (a remix, with John Lennon music) and the tweet from redheadonfire2 is still there:

    Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, little girl.

    >I just wish Palin would go away.

    Will no one rid me of this troublesome woman?

    'zat what you're saying, Adam? Sounds like a death threat to me.

    >Stop stirring the pot and causing all of this idiotic trouble. She does nothing but cause trouble

    Yeah, she had the temerity to object to being charged with causing the murder of 6 people, including a 9-year-old and the shooting of others. Being a Republican and (most importantly for the Lords of Tolerance on the left) a woman, she needs to shut up.

    Course, if she'd not said anything, the Lords of Tolerance would have said that this proves her guilt.

    Basically, what Adam is saying is that Sarah Palin needs to do whatever is best for the political fortunes of the left. That's all that matters to guys like him. That's what makes a "tolerable" Republican.

    Snowflake is a footsoldier is the Obamist army: semi-literate, ignorant, unimportant, and ignored. This is why 2010 was so devastating to the Democrats, and why 2012 will be even more so.

    and yet here she is holding a gun!

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