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    Operation Demoralize

    Operation Demoralize

    The mainstream media will undertake, and already has undertaken, a concerted effort to blame the Republican House for everything that goes wrong, for not living up to promises, for living up to promises, for failing to compromise, for selling out, etc.

    Do not fall for it. 

    Holding the Republican House to its commitments is one thing; falling for Operation Demoralize is something else.

    If you think that the mainstream media is not still 100% in the tank for Obama, think again.

    Keep your eye on 2012.  They are.

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    It's not the MSM I'm worrying about. It's the "Awesome Republicans" and "Awesome Conservatives" talking up such Anti-Obama views as: Raising the debt ceiling and Sharing more power with the minority.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    Right. Whine and complain about the meanies on the Left. All of you supposed "law profs" w/ a blog platform could end this nightmare tomorrow if you had any cajonies (or backbone). You should be shouting far and wide about the ineligibility of Obama (he's not a natural born Citizen, since his father was NEVER a citizen, and a pic of a COLB on a website is hearsay and proof of nothing). Everything he signed would be null and void, like he never existed. But alas, you are all cowed by the "Birther" epithet.

    Well said, Prof. But let us not forget that the Left is also doing this to delegitimize the Republicans in the Congress, and by association the TEA Party folks, in the eyes of those Americans who are not part of the VRWC.

    Quoted from and Linked to at:
    Our On-Going Balancing Act

    The Mainstream Media? I don't spend any time watching/listening/reading them anymore. Why should I? I already know what they're going to say.

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