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    Obama’s Tucson Speech, In Other Words

    Obama’s Tucson Speech, In Other Words

    I thought Obama’s speech at the memorial for the Tucson shooting victims was a good speech, better in writing than in delivery, which is unusual for him.

    The pep rally atmosphere was strange, but I learned long ago that people grieve in their own ways.  And one cannot blame Obama for unsolicited cheers and shouts from the audience.

    Some key passages seemed to be a rebuke to the fingerpointing and accusations that right-wing political speech — and Sarah Palin — caused the shooting.

    A key passage in the speech was as follows (emphasis mine):

    “The loss of these wonderful people should make every one of us strive to be better in our private lives – to be better friends and neighbors, co-workers and parents. And if, as has been discussed in recent days, their deaths help usher in more civility in our public discourse, let’s remember that it is not because a simple lack of civility caused this tragedy, but rather because only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation, in a way that would make them proud.”

    In other (my) words:

    “Matthew Yglesias, Markos Moulitsas and Paul Krugman should be ashamed of themselves.”

    Obama kept the focus on the dead and injured, as I wish everyone had in the hours and days after the shooting.  Good for him on this.

    Update:  I probably should have included Sheriff Dupnik in the quote.  That’s what happens when you rush a post.

    A lot of people on Twitter are saying it was cynical for Obama to wait several days to make this point about the fingerpointing, since by now a lot of the damage has been done.  That’s a fair point; my review is of the speech, not the overall political situation.

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    None of this will stop the left from being uncivil because they don't think of themselves as the ones hate-mongering. They'll read this speech as Obama coming down hard against Palin, and Rush Limbaugh and other right wingers.

    "better in writing than in delivery, which is unusual for him."

    Oh, I don't know about that. You need to listen to his speeches on the radio or at least audio only. He's really not that good. Sure he'll always have a line or two which will be replayed in the MSM to make it sound like a great speech. But seriously he's just not that good.

    Bravo, Mr. President, from someone who would rather chew on a toilet brush than vote for you.

    I'll lay the blame for the T-shirts on the memorial front-men and the pep-rally atmosphere on immature college students. The President could have delivered either another Ground-Zero-Mosque teachable moment or a solemn, moving (if a little run-on) remembrance, and, good-on-him, he delivered the latter.

    Okay, okay, I take back what I said about opening her eye/s, now that we have verification. Dear Lord, I can't imagine what those people are going through and I'm quite jubilant that she's making a remarkable (we hope) recovery.
    The other stuff stands though. I thought in general it was a tasteless display, through no fault of The One. Well, who printed those tshirts? That was tasteless too.

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