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    Let’s Not Forget Who Among Many Has Coarsened The Conversation

    Let’s Not Forget Who Among Many Has Coarsened The Conversation

    As I posted yesterday, I thought Obama gave a good speech at the Tucson memorial. 

    The mainstream media, which has been seeking a way to redeem Obama’s presidency, is portraying the speech as turning point in which Obama brought us all together, in contrast to Sarah Palin’s allegedly divisive speech. 

    I don’t see the speech having a lasting impact on Obama’s presidency unlike George W. Bush’s speech after 9/11.  While Tucson was a tragedy by any account, it simply was not on the scale of 9/11, and therefore Obama’s speech was not of equivalent importance to the nation.

    While we ponder the impact of the speech, let’s not forget the role Obama has played in coarsening the national dialogue, going back to the campaign.  Rather than repeating what I have said before, here are some of my prior posts:

    Having used divisiveness to push through Obamacare and other expansions of government, Obama now wants everyone to come together and lower the volume. 

    That’s fine.  But it should not affect our policy goals one iota, or the vigor with which we seek to roll back some of the mistakes of the past two years.

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    Once again, Obama and the Democrats are setting the rules, defining the terms, and giving everyone guidelines on what is "acceptable." Why do we accept them?! The speech was fine – he read the teleprompter well. But he is 3 days too late to try to "cool" the divisive, hate-filled rhetoric. As is evidenced by today's MSM continued attacks, it is not being heeded, no matter what he said. They know he didn't mean THEM; after all, they are doing his dirty work for him. He is one of the most despicable people to ever lead our nation. And, to re-state the almost cliche comment: there is NO journalism in the US. Period. Only the internet and talk radio are avenues to the truth.

    sort of runic rhyme | January 13, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Obama's the incumbent. Would he be lecturing America on "toning down" its political rhetoric as a candidate struggling to unseat a sitting (pretty) President and to upend his/her agenda?

    Palin has done nothing wrong. Her hysterical detractors weren't sufficiently denounced by Obama, our so-called "every American's President" who took too much time before telling supporters on the left to ratchet down the hate talk and threats over supposed violent talk and hate from the right.

    No, wait, I don't think he actually even said that. My impression of his message is that he indirectly chastised one side more than the other for its uncivil tone and tenor. Guess which one.

    And, yes, he and his Party will continue to viciously and unironically demonize Tea Partiers and conservatives and get away with it, because they and their invested press are fighting Very Bad People, apparently.

    Good Lieutenant | January 13, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Stop citing recent history and facts.

    Just accept that you're murderers or accomplices to it, and that you've destroyed the national dialogue on (X).

    I cannot agree. This was supposed to be a memorial service, a solemn occasion of remembrance, consignment and rededication, but the White House and probably the University as well stole the occasion and transformed it into a self-serving political rally, complete with t-shirts, unseemly sights and loud alarums.

    And a hectoring, self-serving tergiversator posturing again the plaints of smug superiority. Unctuous thief.

    Who in hell do he and his supports think they are? That is a rhetorical question. They know who in hell they are.

    Just a guy | January 13, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Didn't bother to watch.

    With Obama there, I knew it would devolve into a campaign rally, and based on the snippets I've seen, he didn't disappoint.

    We needed a leader. We got a campaigner. And there is a difference.

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