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    Leftist Libel

    Leftist Libel

    There was a really fascinating list composed by Kathy Shaidle of the Lefts most egregious attacks on talk radio. The whole list is worth reading, particularly if you – like myself – listen often. Whenever I get “blowback” over listening to my favorite hosts, I’ll be sure to take note of these overblown attacks on figures like Savage and Beck!

    Who do you listen to? I’m partial to Laura Ingraham, John Batchelor, and Rush Limbaugh myself.


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    I catch a bit of Beck in the morning, and as much of Rush as I can get. After Rush, there's a local guy named Bill Nojay who talks on NYS politics. He lives in Avon, NY, and he knows Upstate pretty well.

    Rush first — he'll always be the master of the art. Second is a tie between Laura and Dennis Miller. The thing that makes all of them good (for me) is humor. Beck can be great when he's trying to be funny — less tolerable when he's trying to be serious. Hannity just doesn't do the humor thing.

    Hannity has been the pits since he started all of his phone openings with "You're a great American!" Batchelor is great, super cerebral. Rush is a classic, and Ingraham is super snarky.

    Limbaugh and Boortz. Beck if I happen to be in the car during his broadcast. Same for Savage. Levin's voice is grating and his schtick is annoying. I can't stand Hannity. I'll catch Prager and Medved now and then. Agree that Mark Steyn is great.

    Medved remains a socialist. I don't know if he used to be a toady but he is now. Rush, Sarah and Steyn are sincere. Hannity is *only* an entertainer (and a toady). Savage is ethnic. O'Reilly is a conceited coward. I am unfamiliar with the others mentioned.

    Commercial TV and radio can cease to exist and the world would be better for it, IMO. Why promulgate self-reliance while needing stimulus from "media personalities?" Is one so thick as to be unable to look at a situation and grasp it's essential nature?

    Even Richard Fernandez is enabling the mohammedanization of the ME, and glad acceptance thereof by Americans, by passing along, from the White House's occupants, the lie that the Moslem Brotherhood is "non-violent." Must one be so pinguid?

    I favor the Moslem Brotherhood taking the entire ME and working openly to take Europe and the Americas (they're well at it, far along, as is known). But not because they are non-violent, meaning, one can get along with them. Rather, because once they stick their heads up into the open they are easily marked. This truth is demonstrated by operations during OEF and OIF. MB and IRGC really do live in fantasyland, and their positioned allies in the USA.

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