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    Leftist Libel

    Leftist Libel

    There was a really fascinating list composed by Kathy Shaidle of the Lefts most egregious attacks on talk radio. The whole list is worth reading, particularly if you – like myself – listen often. Whenever I get “blowback” over listening to my favorite hosts, I’ll be sure to take note of these overblown attacks on figures like Savage and Beck!

    Who do you listen to? I’m partial to Laura Ingraham, John Batchelor, and Rush Limbaugh myself.


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    Hannity, Sullivan, Beck, Limbaugh. Would listen to Miller and Levin if I was able. Don't listen to Savage anymore, but I read a couple of his books.

    I like Batchelor, but his bumper music is incredibly annoying sometimes. Some of the cinematic/classical tunes are nice, but then he goes on a funeral dirge binge with some horrible music that screeches through the radio. His show is incredibly informative though, more so than any other show on the radio right now.

    I like Hannity & Levin, especially when Levin goes in depth on the law as that is his expertise (Hey maybe Levin could have the Prof on? That would be *awesome*.

    Beck gets his facts wrong too often and it bothers me. He did this whole bit on Puerto Rico… My mom's Puerto Rican and she was shaking her head the whole time and correcting his mistakes. He has been really good on nailing the czars though, so I'll give him that.

    We need to get some younger hosts, more under 30s types on the air.

    Midnight Trucking guys Eric and Gary are the best!
    When I don't catch them at night, I download the podcasts, which are free. These guys have great analytical skills and insight, better than anybody, IMHO, although I listen to them all (Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Frank Beckmann on WJR).
    Each host brings different qualities to the table; MT guys are happy, exciteable, extremely well informed and not as partisan as, say, Hannity. I learn more from them than anybody. They also play lots of audio clips, which reveal more about the left than any rightwing host can.

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