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    Into The Politico Arena

    Into The Politico Arena

    As you know, I’ve expressed my doubts about Politico.  But the reality is that Politico is one of the major internet news sources and will be for the foreseeable future.

    While my prior criticisms applied to Politico’s news operations, I also was frustrated that whenever I read the political debates which took place at Politico’s Arena, the political voice represented by this blog was not being heard.

    For better or worse, I contacted Politico and requested contributor status at the Arena, and such request was granted.

    So starting today, I will chime in on some  — but not all — of the issues being debated at the Arena.  These are not the equivalent of blog posts, but really just quick takes on an issue.

    My first contribution today was on the issue of whether Republicans should be suspicious of the “mixed seating” proposals for the State of the Union address.  Here is what I wrote:

    For two years, legitimate opposition to Democratic policies, particularly Obamacare, was met with false accusations of hate speech and violence. Senior Democratic politicians (Chuck Schumer referring to Scott Brown) used the pejorative “teabagger,” peaceful protesters were called un-American, and the entire tea party movement was labeled racist, all in the cause of passing the Democratic legislative agenda. Even at last year’s State of the Union, President Obama attacked the Supreme Court decision Citizens United by falsely characterizing the nature of the decision, causing Democratic politicians to leap to their feet around the justices and clap loudly just feet from the justices.

    Having accomplished many of their legislative goals the past two years through such partisanship and lack of legislative civility, it rings hollow for Democrats now to call for mixed seating at the State of the Union. While I’m sure some politicians make such a request in good faith, Republicans are right to be distrustful and to view the new call for civility primarily as a tactic to consolidate what has been accomplished.

    How did I do, and more importantly, was I right to enter the Arena?

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    I'd say your take on the seating arrangements for the SOTU is right. Imus interviewed Anthony Weiner this morning. Weiner said he specifically requested to be seated next to his nemesis, Peter King, on the Republican side. Why? Because according to Weiner, King hasn't been right about anything since the 1980s. And he wants to be seated next to King on the Republican side so that when he's constantly jumping up and down giving standing ovations, it will irritate the Republicans sitting all around him. That's his contribution to the new civility.

    Wow. I read the comments over at the Arena. I'm amazed at how many supposed "experts" have no clue about our side of the issues (or are they ignoring it?). How can we have discussion if we do not even acknowledge a differing point of view? The comments were insulting, immature, and definitely uncivil. It's discouraging. @Maggot…Weiner's comment astounds me.

    I think it's a good move on your part and I give some credit to Politico for doing it. I'll look forward to reading your contributions.

    "How did I do, and more importantly, was I right to enter the Arena?"

    You did great! I read politico. You will be a great voice in that Arena.

    The seating arrangements are to enable the visuals to appear that the entire congress is standing and applauding. As soon as the images are captured, the Democrats will immediately forget the placecards and begin selling the "President Obama united Congress when he said _____."

    (Funny, I wrote that, then went over and saw that Christina Pelosi, just below your post, comes right out and admits it: "The best picture our leaders can present is a united United States" and "The speech (and rebuttals) [are] televised to show..", and finally the punch line: "Sitting in silent civility…."

    The idea is that the Dems on each side of a Rep will be able to keep everyone on script: sitting until told to stand, and silent until told to clap.

    Thank you for your courage in speaking your mind. I don't read Politico so I can't comment except to say that it's always right to speak up in any political forum (and yes, that does include the floor of the House).

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