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    How Mike Castle Brought Down The Delaware GOP

    How Mike Castle Brought Down The Delaware GOP

    There is a nice bit of revisionist and self-congratulatory history at FrumForum, in a piece titled How Christine O’Donnell Brought Down The Delaware GOP.

    I’ll save you the trouble and high blood pressure of reading the article, here’s the story line:

    Christine O’Donnell singlehandedly caused Republicans down the line, all the way to dog catcher, to lose to Democrats in Delaware state elections.

    The proof?  None, other than that Republicans lost.

    So why is O’Donnell to blame?

    Why not Mike Castle, the loser in the primary who took his ball home, played the part of spoiled brat, and took the rest of the Delaware GOP machine with him?

    Why isn’t it just as justifiable to blame Castle and the Delaware Republican Party for not backing the primary winner, sniping at her, and demoralizing Republican voters?  While unity may not have resulted in an O’Donnell win, perhaps it would have avoided down the line disaster.

    The FrumForum article is more establishment nonsense from people who are unwilling to admit that their guy in Delaware destroyed the state party because of his ego and hurt feelings.

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    I'm at a bit of a loss. He went away. Isn't that what candidates are supposed to do after they lose?

    He left. Gone, done, bye bye.

    Ooooooh sooo he didn't bend over and kiss the earth on which O'Donnell walked after? Bummer.

    The rest of the GOP Establishment isn't Mike Castle, so why should he take the vast majority of conservative ire (in regards to this race)?

    He polled once to see if he was a viable write in candidate. Didn't call to congratulate & then went *away*.

    Not as nice as some candidates out there, but he didn't pull a Crist/Murkowski/Lieberman/Insert-Failed-Primary-Candidate-Here & run as an independent like a whiney baby (And yet we conservatives treat him as bad, probably worse than we treat Crist/Murkowski & *especially* Lieberman)

    He ruffled his feathers a couple times & then disappeared.

    Christine O'Donnell tanked her own candidacy by being Christine O'Donnell, don't lie to yourself & say otherwise. Did the GOP establishment or Mike Castle help her? No. Were they the chief problem behind Christine's failed campaign? No.

    The Mike Castle hate drives me nuts, especially when there are much worse examples *in this very election*, let alone in American electoral history.

    Van Halen | January 4, 2011 at 9:23 am

    @Tlaloc – alternate universe? Blue Dogs? You're kidding, right? The 'Blue Dogs' folded on everything. Some of them of course held their votes until the last moment when it was certain the Democrats were going to get their legislation passed and then after consulting with Pelosi they voted against the Socialist agenda of the moment – so they could look good for their constituents.

    But look at the list of legislation Obama has pushed through in two years. If there were Blue Dogs or any kind of resistance on the Left, then in many cases it would not have happened. We would not be here now but for the fact that the hard Left began cracking the whip on the Democrat Party and Republicans continue to fold. Look at the last few weeks again. And then look at TARP, and then look at Obamacare.
    Since Obama has taken power, we have Socialized medicine, student loan industry, much of the banking industry, the beginning of the food industry, a majority of the American auto industry, dozens of unelected and unaccountable Czars doing what – we don't know – but the Liberal Congress didn't even raise a protest that this power was being taken from them. As of this moment, Obama and the Left are winning in virtually every theater they are fighting in – and again it's largely because of discipline in the ranks of the Left and (when needed) the folding of the Right.
    Let's look again at the last three weeks:
    START passed
    Tax Deal passed
    Michelle Obama's food industry takeover passed
    DADT passed
    There's a fifth one here but quite honestly I can't keep track of the Obama wins because they've been coming in so fast. Largely with Republican help.
    Sure, we just won the Congress but we'll have to see if they keep their word. It's been a hell of a productive two years for Socialism if you ask me.

    And since I gave Van Halen such an earful, I suppose that obligates me to answer opposing idiocies, like John Lane's here:

    "He polled once to see if he was a viable write in candidate. Didn't call to congratulate & then went *away*."

    Oh, so because he only POLLED, that's not so bad, eh? See, the problem is that he DIDN'T go away. He stuck around, publicly mulled a write-in bid, and kept the party split quite neatly while the media harped on his chances in a three-way race. He cost the party unifying time, which is infinitely valuable with less than TWO MONTHS before an election. I wish Castle had won too, but to whitewash his behavior afterward is just awful.

    Plus, you've missed the point. No one here is saying that Castle cost O'Donnell the race. The point was that his behavior, and the behavior of his allies in the Delaware GOP in not getting out of her way, helped the DE Republicans toward a massacre in November. How much of what we lost there could have been saved if he had just quietly acknowledged his loss, congratulated the winner, urged people to vote Republican, and then left the stage? (Notice I didn't even say anything about an endorsement.) Instead, the only reason Castle wasn't the poster boy for "11th Commandment Violators" is because we had Crist, Murkowski, and Specter to deal with as well.

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