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    How Liberal Journalists Think

    How Liberal Journalists Think

    Thanks to reader Michael for this video, from the producer of Liberal Taxes Explained, Feminism Explained, and Meet The Liberal Elite.

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    Van Halen | January 25, 2011 at 1:00 am

    Great job, Professor! Love the cartoons!
    Here's a little cartoon that I find hysterical. Two animated bears discussing global warming.;=4QHatDvoWjU#!

    Boy this one hit all the cliche's…unfortunately, I can't call it fiction. I've had those types of 'discussions' with the liberal 'mind'. Filled with absolutes and the types of 'always' and 'never' statements often found in children.

    I've always maintained that liberals lack humility. That I see as the character flaw that allows them to be unabashed in their certain beliefs.


    I just had a facebook debate with a liberal progressive that eerily matched this video!

    We were debating "hate speech". I don't have a problem with freedom of speech, but the person I was debating said all the hate speech is done by Conservatives.

    My favorite line in the debate, when I asked for counter examples on the right to my 17+ examples concerning vitriol from the left, was:

    " Put on Fox, right now now, listen for 5 minutes, and attempt to compare it to anything else. Listen to rush or Beck for any five minutes, randomly selected. You will hear illogical, hateful speech intended for idiots. At all hours of the day. if you cannot see the difference, you don't want to or you are the intended audience.

    I don't need to provide an example, just turn on the TV. That is the difference, and I appreciate you highlighting that."

    I guess it went against his "liberal world view" so it was a lie or not worth looking into.

    Brilliant post professor! I've stolen it for my page.

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