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    Gabrielle Giffords Shooting – Updates

    Gabrielle Giffords Shooting – Updates

    I watched the medical team press conference at noon.  I have to say, I remain so impressed with the professionalism and determination of the medical trauma teams at the University Medical Center in Tucson, and elsewhere.  It is comforting to know that even in a mid-sized city such as Tucson, such trauma teams are available.  Of course, the reason such teams exist and are so competent at dealing with gunshot wounds is the legacy of gang and other violence in cities.

    Robert Muller, FBI Director, also just held a press conference, ending at about 1:20 p.m.  Here are some highlights, in the order they appeared in the conference (my paraphrase, not quotes)

    Formal charges expected this afternoon against Jared Loughner.  Still trying to determine if anyone else involved, still investigating.  No information at this time to suggest any specific threat remains.

    As to motive, too early to speculate.  Filing in federal court this afternoon may elaborate.  Weapon purchased in November 2010.  Photo of individual released appeared to be entering the Safeway with Loughner, but no belief that the person was a participant.  Suspicious package found did not contain any explosives, but not sure why it was left near Giffords’ office. 

    Has seen allusion to American Rennaisance group in the media, but still investigating.  Premature to say motivations of individual or to draw inferences from generalized hate speech on internet, particularly for lone wolves or lone offenders. 

    Appears Giffords was the target.  Possible future charges under domestic terrorism statute.

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    I blame Koresh for WACO. He torched the place. He was suicidal. But others here can point the finger and capitalize on it if they want.

    For the Gingrich quote, see the previous post on this blog. I put the direct quote there.

    See, here's the problem. All this finger pointing. Everyone can dig up their favorite quotes to demonize their opponent. Mr Jacobson shows how he can do it too.

    I have a question I'd love Mr Jacobson to answer: Does he have a problem if left wing bloggers produce a web site with scope-sights over the universities with right leaning bloggers and then provide the list of names of those bloggers, with a tweet sent out telling lefists that it's time to RELOAD on the effort to take out all those right wing bloggers. And another left wing blogger saying that "2nd amendment remedies" may be necessary to deal with the problem of right wing bloggers?

    I hope not.

    I've yet to hear Mr Jacobson condemn rhetoric from all sides. Because he's playing a game. The finger pointing game.

    Quirk, I think I should point out to you, that you are pointing yourself. And while you point that bony finger, you have THREE pointing back at you.

    Don't you have some bridge you need to sit under?

    I admit it. I am pointing when I point out the pointing. I'm playing the pointing game.

    Now can you all admit it as well. You're just playing the pointing game. Let's not be holier than thou. I'm not holy. Nor is anyone here. Nor Mr Jacobson.

    Also, I am not a troll. I think I raise important points. Tragedies occur. The right takes advantage of them. The left does. They start finger pointing. And secondary finger pointing pops in the press. And here on the blogs. And it's primarily noise. Entertainment I suppose. Certainly not seriously achieving anything. I have no pretensions that I'm achieving anything here. You shouldn't either. Nor Jacobson.

    Quirk, you raise nothing except in your own mind. And yes, I am pointing to the irresponsibility of the left wing media who seems to have their Hanes all in a wad because they are no longer the party in power.

    But for all rational thinking people, the statements of those like Paul Krugman should be a wake-up call; politics trumps honor.

    American people have the right to expect more from those who call themselves "journalists".

    @Capt Quirk:

    "I think I raise important points".

    I'm sorry. I'm not seeing any "important points" in your posts. Could you expand that thought?

    "Certainly not seriously achieving anything. I have no pretensions that I'm achieving anything here."

    So why do you continue? Except to troll/inflame? Your statement in effect admits that you are indulging in deliberate troll behavior.

    "The right takes advantage of them."

    Please give an example of how a "spokesperson" for the right has "taken advantage of" the tragedy of the shooting.

    IMO, quite the contrary. Rep Boehner, arguably the highest ranking R, has said the House is going to suspend for a bit out of respect for Rep Giffords, and ordered that flags be at half mast in honor of her staffer that was killed.

    He also stated that an attack on Giffords is an attack on every member of the House.

    How is that "taking advantage"??

    Give me an example of a statement by someone from the Right since the shooting specifically "taking advantage" of this horrible situation.

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