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    Does Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Have No Shame?

    Does Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Have No Shame?

    Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Tucson, Arizona, has become the spokesman for blaming right-wing “vitriol” for the shooting by deranged gunman Jared Lee Loughner. 

    Dupnik made national fame last spring when he announced that he would refuse to enforce the new Arizona immigration law and for his flamboyant statements accusing immigration enforcement supporters of being racist.

    As part of this media feeding frenzy, Sarah Palin has been accused of having “blood on her hands” by a New York Daily News columnist and numerous left-wing bloggers even though there is no evidence whatsoever that Loughner ever even saw the map which appeared on Palin’s website of targeted congressional districts.

    These clips from Dupnik’s press conference have been cited across the internet and media to support Dupnik’s view and the right-wing vitriol meme:

    But Meghyn Kelly has forced Dupnik to admit that as of this afternoon, Dupnik had absolutely no evidence as to any connection between such allegedly vitriolic political rhetoric and the shooting.

    Dupnik admitted “it’s just my opinion period” and that “I don’t have that information yet” when pressed as to whether he had evidence to make the connection:

    If Sheriff Dupnik had any shame, he would stop politicizing these deaths and this shooting, now that he has been forced to admit that he is engaging in rank speculation.

    Update:  The Arizona Tragedy and the Politics of Blood Libel.

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    Hmmmm, so it looks like the Sheriff's office knew that Loghner made death threats and they told those folks that everything was ok and he was being taken care of. Also looks like they ignored the reports that he was unstable and threatening people in part because his (mother?) worked for the county.

    Why, here's a theory as good as any thrown out by the MSM and the left (sorry for being redundant): Sheriff Dupnik and his office knew he was dangerously unstable and had made threats of violence against various members of the community and further, he and his office knew he was obsessed with Congresswoman Giffords. Perhaps they were hoping for an incident that they could then hang on their political enemies, that's why they did nothing about him.

    Hey, there's as much evidence of that conclusion as any other regarding why this happened (except for the conclusion that this happened because the guy was a full-blown schizophrenic who became fixated on Congresswoman Giffords before there was a tea party and before Sarah Palin became a national figure).

    Certainly law enforcement has some culpablity here. Evidently Arizone has some pretty "progressive" mental health laws and merely petitioning the court is enough to get someone picked up and evaluated. If they need treatment, according to one of the top mental health authorities in the state, they can get it and he'd never heard of anyone being turned down if they were deemed severly mentally ill, REGARDLESS of their insurance status.

    From the article: "Any person, including any of the students in Loughner's classes who exchanged worried emails about his strange actions or any of his teachers who sought to have him removed or who wanted him to receive treatment, could have petitioned the court to have him evaluated for mental illness."

    Certainly, that includes the Sheriff's Dept.

    Professor, Could the statements by Dupnik help the defense of Loughner in any way?

    To most – but thankfully not all – who have commented above, I wonder if you know how silly are your condemnations of Sheriff Dupnik's comments. If you care to see a rational reaction to his words, read the following message I sent to his office.

    To: Pima County Sheriff's Office

    Please pass along to the Sheriff my compliments for his stand recently as he described his feelings related to the shootings at Safeway.

    Despite the reaction against you, Sheriff Dupnik, you should know how much in agreement are numerous Americans across the country with your comments. You have focused on the issue of impressions and not – as your detractors claim – the issue of pointing blame.

    I praise you for that focus because it is impression and influence that all the sour rhetoric we hear has on people who are least likely to behave rationally. You are so right. I am a retired school teacher and during my 38 years it has always been an understanding that what I say and the way I say it can profoundly affect others.

    I join you in calling for those who disagree with one another to remember that it is all right to say "I respectfully disagree" instead of uttering words that go way beyond disagreement into name-calling, labeling, fear-mongering and even hatred for those on the other side of a particular issue.

    Those who cannot recognize how imagery such as "cross hairs" and "reload" have the power to trigger emotions beyond anyone's control are as pathetic and the events of last weekend are tragic.

    Cudos to you and God bless.

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