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    Death Wishes Like It’s Party Time

    Death Wishes Like It’s Party Time

    I’m not sure if the various death wishes for Sarah Palin made on Twitter and Facebook, as a result of false accusations that Palin’s electoral target map caused the Tucson shooting, constitute death threats.  Saying you hope someone is killed seems to walk right up to the line, if not across it.

    Screen shots of the death wish tweets are at Patterico, and a video montage is in my earlier post.  Here is one of the Facebook pages created just after the shooting:

    What is most remarkable about these death wishes is that they were done in the open and often with the identity of the person not hidden.  The identities of the tweeters and the people who “liked” the Facebook pages were readily identifiable in many cases.

    Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?

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    @Andy Freeman Read my other posts on this site over the past day Mr. Freeman. I have given plenty of examples of her stupidity. I have likened her to a female George Bush. I especially liked when she couldnt name a single newspaper or magazine that she regularly reads due to either fear of backlash if it wasnt the newspaper voters wanted to hear or stupidity from lack of reading.

    And as for your post previous to that, I think firing guns at targets at a rally to kick out the current seat holder is not directly linked to this…its just a strange combo that could send a bad message.

    For future reference, the comments on here that I make are just that….comments…opinions if you will…they are neither right or wrong. Of course you would never admit to being wrong. Im sure youre a political genius who is right in all you think and say. No doubt. But try to remember that I am just commenting. I am not writing essays claiming to be right. So dont expect me to elaborate on what you call my "conclusions". I hardly have to provide evidence for palin's stupidity. I'll leave that for you to find on your own.

    Maybe you could give me some of your own original ideas or opinions as I have rather than ingesting mine and projectile vomiting them back out with a quip here and there. Come to think of it….that goes for all of you commenting on things I have said.

    I am just saying she needs to go away.
    Before she causes more more liberals' heads to explode. Oops, can I say that?

    She is too dumb for politics.
    Which is why smart guys like Krugman, Alter and
    Dionne are OBSESSED with her.

    Yup, she's dumb. And you're there in a corner with the rest of the batsh*t-crazy Left watching the paint dry around you while Palin stands across the room holding a bucket and a brush.

    a female George Bush

    Who won the White House twice? You betcha!

    Your faith in book clubs and credentialism, while cliche'd, is rather touching.

    I want her gone out of the media

    Then, Dear @Adam, stop DRAGGING HER IN TO CURRENT EVENTS where, in the course of defending herself, she shows you and your ilk for the obsessive braying *sses that you are.

    For someone so dumb/down-market, Sarah Palin sure occupies alot of real estate in your head.

    I think Krakatoa made an interesting point early on in the media frenzy and the Left's response as documented above:

    Pretending that you can compartmentalize all the woes in the world into one neat box of causation called "Republican/ Conservative/ Colonialist White Male bigotry" gives you the illusion of the power to easily deal with those problems.

    The people making death threats against Sarah Palin would never do the same thing to, say, a particular Islamist who actually intended to incite violence with inflammatory rhetoric. Because that would expose them to an actual risk of violence in response. They only pick on targets they know won't hurt them. It gives them a feeling of power.

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