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    Slate magazine has a running report series called “Bidenisms” that I love to quote.

    Politico today has an account of all of Michael Steele’s gaffes. I was hoping to have a funny quote or two, but the column just made me furious. Which is unfortunate, I had wanted to like Steele, but alas – this list is really inexcusable.


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    Michael Steele represents 'The Stupid Party'.   Shouldn't Mr. Steele say stupid things to show he's in step with the party?

    Instapundit's top entry _right_now_:  'CHANGE: Ann Wagner Announces Her Run For RNC Chair.
    Nice to see that at least someone in 'The Party' has the 'balls™' to challenge Mr. Steele.

    @martywd, Thanks for the update, I really like what I know of Wagner. (She's the former ambassador to Luxemburg, I am super jealous!)

    I really wanted to like Michael Steele, too. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have much control of the organization, it's employees, or his own words. Sad.

    1. Leftists need a place to project their neurotic racial guilt for turning on Obama. If Steele is replaced as he apparently should be, the GOP will be showered with race cards.

    2. RNC Chair is be an ideal position from which Palin could demonstrate how she can perform in a national executive role. For reasons having to do both with Palin and the GOP Establishment, I don't expect it to happen.

    3. Kathleen McCaffrey said……I really like what I know of Wagner. (She's the former ambassador to Luxemburg, I am super jealous!)

    Kathleen, feel free to add me to your list of grumpy old fogeys, but IMO you have a "few" dues to pay before you get jealous about ambassadorships. 😉

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