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    Slate magazine has a running report series called “Bidenisms” that I love to quote.

    Politico today has an account of all of Michael Steele’s gaffes. I was hoping to have a funny quote or two, but the column just made me furious. Which is unfortunate, I had wanted to like Steele, but alas – this list is really inexcusable.


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    sort of runic rhyme | December 15, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Steele's tenure has been marked by dashing mediocrity punctuated by exclamations and parenthetical asides that have made him a "less than." In order to win in 2012, the party leadership has to accent fiscal conservatism over bloat and pork and slash bureaucracy and budgets. Dollar signs matter.
    A huge plus for our country is the specter of a Tea Party-infused GOP ushering in a new period of constitutionalism and limited government that is not only more effective but fairer, as it could address signs of inequality minus the hyphenated identity politics and where-it'[email protected] symbolism that's so destructive and vacuous today. And you can quote me on that.

    I don't get why you're angry. Steele is on the mild side of bloopers if you compare him to the similarly high profile Howard Dean. Snoozer RNC and DNC leaders don't usually get their phrasing turned into headlines.

    What's so out of whack with saying last January that Republicans would make some nice pick ups but wouldn't take the House? Four months later in May Karl Rove was saying "it's too early" to say that Republicans will take back the House.

    Or saying that something other than continuing active military engagement in Afghanistan is the way to go? A lot of conservatives believe that.

    Did Michael Steele or his comments result in a single lost Republican race this year? As long as we're passing around candy for the House blow out, why should Steele be the only person in the room who doesn't get a piece?

    I'm with Ann Coulter that we need to give black Republicans a lot of space. They are so often despised and reviled as traitors to black Americans just for being Republican. If we want to have black Republicans as leaders, we need to be understanding of the special pressures they operate under.

    gs said…2. RNC Chair is be an ideal position from which Palin could demonstrate how she can perform in a national executive role. For reasons having to do both with Palin and the GOP Establishment, I don't expect it to happen.

    When submitting the above, I wasn't aware that Palin had already ruled out running for the position.

    Palin's RNC decision is consistent with my assessment of her when she resigned as governor.

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