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    So The Anti-Birther Hawaii Governor Is Actually A Birther

    So The Anti-Birther Hawaii Governor Is Actually A Birther

    If you demand to see Obama’s actual birth certificate, you will be called a “Birther.” 

    It doesn’t matter if your position is that anyone ascending to a constitutional office should provide the best evidence of constitutional qualification, you’re a Birther.  It doesn’t matter that you think all candidates should comply, you’re a Birther.  It doesn’t matter if you think Obama was born in Hawaii, but should put the issue to rest by releasing the records, you’re a Birther.

    The new Governor of Hawaii is getting accolades because he finally is going to shut up all the Birthers.

    How is he going to do that?

    By seeking to have, er, Obama’s birth certificate and other original birth records released:

    The governor, a Democrat and former congressman, said he has initiated conversations with the state’s attorney general and the chief of its Health Department about how he can release more explicit documentation of Mr. Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961, at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital. He said he has done so of his own accord, without consulting the White House, which declined to comment.

    The New York Times describes the Governor as “taking on” Birthers, and The L.A. Times says he is seeking to “discredit” Birthers.

    If the new Governor had been a Republican and sought release of Obama’s birth records, he’d be a Birther. But because he’s a Democrat, he’s an anti-Birther.

    Don’t you ever say the mainstream media spins the news or issues.

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    "@Joshua – it doesn't matter what the motives were. If a Republican, even acting on the belief that the records would support Obama, or on the neutral belief that such records should be releasesd for all presidential candidates, announced an intention to get the records released, that person would be ridiculed and mocked as a Birther. "

    Back in the day I made a couple of points that I suspect even the most close-minded would have a hard time refuting – there is in fact a more voluminous file than we have seen summarized by the document released by the State of Hawaii; Obama could cause that file to be released (but hasn't); and the contemporaneous birth announcements only prove that there was no belated conspiracy many decades later to establish Obama's bona fides – however, Ms. Dunham and her parents may have wanted to finesse Obama's citizenship against the day when a nasty custody fight might play out in a foreign court between a black father and a white mother.

    The notion that the case was not closed got me labelled a "Birther" by the usual suspects on the left, who would rather label and marginalize than puzzle over facts and evidence.

    On that topic, my personal fave – Andrew Sullivan, who was infamously indefatigable on the great Palin Birth question, happily declared that Obama has done all he could to resolve this controversy.


    FWIW, I think Obama is hiding this file reflexively, just as he has hidden his college transcripts, his health records, his law firm billing records and every other thing about his life story that he has not written himself. "Obama" is the most tightly controlled brand since Mickey Mouse (and is becoming synonymous with it), and he is saving material for his inevitable eight-figure book deal.

    My guess – the full birth file is a big nothing. Unfortunately for their strategy, as Obama's approval has faded the effectiveness of labelling his opponents as wacko has also faded.

    Tom Maguire

    methinks the good "perfesser" is being attacked. witness the attack by "Ema" in the "i don't care, but we all should" post.

    @joshua: Honestly, and I mean this in the most condescending way possible: I don't engage in arguments with self delusional fools.

    My guess – the full birth file is a big nothing. Unfortunately for their strategy, as Obama's approval has faded the effectiveness of labelling his opponents as wacko has also faded.

    I would guess the same way, but honestly, I think a lot of people are missing the political brilliance of holding his birth records private. It gives Obama a club to use to dismiss any legitimate questions raised without dealing with them, and keeps the specter of a giant, unfounded conspiracy theory hovering over his opponents points, discrediting them. He's used this political capitol brilliantly, although he's started to spend it, finally (remember in his speech a few months back "Some of them don't even think I was born here", I think it was his "treat me like a dog" speech). Hopefully this yahoo Hawaiian Dem can let this cat out of the bag for good, putting this silly "controversy" to rest and depriving Obama of one of his main tools used to demonize his opponents rather than addressing issues going into 2012.

    Geedubya | December 26, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    re: the Sullivan/Palin (non)birth issue….

    ….. imagine if someone were to try to claim one or both of Obama's daughters weren't born of Michelle ….. based on some pictures they thought didn't make her look pregnant enough.

    Imagine if that someone was purportedly a respected opinion-monger writing for a fairly high-profile publication. Would he/she still be in that position?

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