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    Okay, So You Knew Reagan

    Okay, So You Knew Reagan

    The attack dogs are out, and they’re not Democratic.

    They are Republicans who “knew Reagan” and play the phony “you’re no Reagan” or “how dare you compare yourself to Reagan” or “how dare you put down Reagan,” or some variation on that theme, against Sarah Palin.

    The latest is Ed Rollins (Palin, I knew Reagan. You’re no Reagan.), who just happens to be Mike Huckabee’s former campaign manager, doing his best impression of Joe Scarborough, Kathleen Parker and Peggy Noonan.

    Okay, so you knew Reagan.  His greatness and class obviously didn’t rub off on you.

    What have you done for us lately? 

    How many Congressional seats did you help win in the mid-terms, how much money did you raise for non-establishment candidates, what have you ever done in the past twenty years other than run your mouth and put down other Republicans for your own personal aggrandizement?

    So the next time those of you who want to tear apart the successful Republican coalition for your own personal fame and ambition want to invoke Reagan’s name, don’t.

    Update:  The Republican Party Can’t Win Without The Support of Palin Supporters.

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    How does bailing out 18 months early square with the determination to do the right thing. Well, she accomplished pretty much everything you set out to do. After the 2008 election, she was seen as the threat to the Obama administration and spurious ethics charges were regularly files for such things as answering reporters questions in her office. It was costing the state a lot of money, it was costing her a lot of money and nothing was getting done because the Democrates, who had previously worked with her no longer did. By passing on the job to the Lt. Governor, the work could go forward again. In basketball, if your shot is blocked, you pass to someone who is open.

    Yeah, primarily because the Demoscum continued to control the purse strings for his entire Administration. Same Demoscum who always pronounced Reagan's budgets to be "dead on arrival".

    Try reading the Constitution, son. You might learn something.

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