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    Mitt Romney, The Responsibility Candidate?

    Mitt Romney, The Responsibility Candidate?

    “To err is human.  I had what at the time seemed like a good idea as to how to expand health care coverage, but it turned out wrong.  I’ll take part of the blame, but others who acted beyond my control also share in the blame.  The key thing is to learn from mistakes, not to compound them.  That is a lesson I have learned.”

    “Unfortunately, the Obama administration does not learn from its mistakes.  Stimulus, health care, debt, deficits, spending out of control.  The response is a refusal to learn from mistakes or to accept responsibility, at all.”

    “You have a choice in this election.  Elect a President who learns from mistakes and accepts responsibility, or re-elect a President who is incapable of learning from mistakes or accepting responsibility.  The choice is yours.”

    Does it work?

    Update:  Alternative view, nothing for which to apologize.

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    If this had been said a couple of years ago, it would have been a winner. Now, not so much.

    Say you're a conservative looking at the number of people who are not covered by health insurance. Say you believe in the free market, individual freedoms, and the American Dream. Say you run a state (commonwealth) in which most of the people who are not covered are illegal aliens. Say you know that. Say you then come up with a wonderful plan to force every tax paying citizen to purchase health insurance or pay a fine to the state (commonwealth) for not doing so, and then you set up a government healthcare agency to work in tandem with the state (commonwealth) income tax office to ensure that everyone is "paying their fair share" of this shiny new entitlement.

    At what point in that thought process have you STOPPED being a conservative?

    No. He's a weather vane. He's saying this today but was silent yesterday. Heaven knows what he'll say tomorrow. If Americans suddenly love OCare, Romney will say he was prescient.

    No. Romney shouldn't even run. Even Obama will use RomneyCare against Romney.

    Mitt McCain?

    John Romney?

    Mitt W. McRino?

    It's all puddin' to me. HIt the road Mitt.

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