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    Harry Reid Pulls The Plug On His Credibility and Power

    Harry Reid Pulls The Plug On His Credibility and Power

    Breaking news that Harry Reid is pulling the Omnibus spending bill in the face of the loss of possible Republican votes:

    The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, said Thursday night that he was abandoning efforts to pass a $1.2 trillion spending measure to finance the government through Sept. 30 because Republicans would not support it.

    Mr. Reid said he would work with the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, on a stop-gap spending bill instead. Senate Republicans also said they would not support a House-passed temporary spending measure running through the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. Instead, they want to develop a separate measure running only through the early part of next year.

    At that point, Republicans will control a majority in the House and six additional seats in the Senate, giving them greater leverage over any spending decisions.

    Reid will be pushing forward with pre-Christmas votes on DADT, New START,  DREAM Act, and other legislation.

    For the first time in my adult life, Harry Reid has failed, utterly.

    What does this mean for the $1 billion slated for Obamacare start-up costs?  It’s history in the new House, and sets up another confrontation when the House produces a budget effectively defunding Obamacare in its infancy.

    Will Reid threaten another government shutdown over, or will Obama refuse to sign, a budget that does not fund a penny in Obamacare costs?  Stay tuned for a few months.

    Updates to follow.  (Searching for Irish jig dance video.)

    Update:  Why am I searching for an Irish jig?  Here’s how we celebrate:

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    Just where in the world do you and your blog-followers live? You snidely remark in your oh so superior elitist way 'stopping the government of USA is a good thing.' Your hatred of USA is showing. The level of hate you and yours spew here is appalling.

    Reading your and your blog-follower's comments one would think USA had been conquered and the American people's government was occupied. This may surprise you, the people governments in USA are filled with honest people striving to do the people's business openly and effectively. This includes every member of Congress. It is truly comical that in your eyes the government of USA has failed in everything it has done.

    Please do not stop. It is a real joy to watch you and your blog-followers stew in your own juices. I look forward to reading your blog comments as the new Congress tries to do its work.

    Ema Nymton
    [email protected]:o?
    The LEFT – taking shit for being right since long before you were born.

    Well Ema, we need a new budget but we don't need one larded up with more giveaways to democratic party insiders. Hopefully with a divided government they'll produce a budget that is neutral politically, one that favors neither democratic party constituents or republican party constituents.

    A lot of people have been focused on earmarks but that's the tree not the forest. We need to clean up our budget and get it pared down to responsible levels so we can dig our way out of the mess BOTH parties have created.

    Love that Hava Nagila professor, thanks for that.

    If I were to spend an hour making a list of typical lefty hoodwinkery, I could not have come close to covering all the examples contained in Miss Ema's commentary.

    Jeez, what is Ema Nymton smoking? She's a leftie, so it must be pot or meth.

    That Havah Nagilah's got a little too much of Sammy Davis's Bojangles in it. Now the tune is gonna stick in my head just like it always pops in periodically. Sigh.

    Dear Ema. "The government" /= the country. "The Government" works for me, not the other way around, and if I feel the need to reign in my employee from overreaching or from other malfeasance, that is not only my right, but my obligation. Sorry for this short burst of reality, please, return to your happy sheeple world where you can be contentedly ruled, happily chewing your cud until it's time for you to be butchered at the whim of those elites you blindly worship.

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