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    Dept. of Defense Blocks Access to … Legal Insurrection

    Dept. of Defense Blocks Access to … Legal Insurrection

    A reader in the military just forwarded me this screenshot showing that the Department of Defense computer system has been upgraded to block internal users from accessing Legal Insurrection:

    This apparently just happened, as the reader had accessed the site earlier today.

    Hey, whoever makes these decision in DoD – I’m on your side.

    Sorry, I forgot, this is the internet – I’M ON YOUR SIDE!!!!!!!!

    Now, how about going after the WikiLeaks people and leaving my little blog alone.

    Update:  I contacted Websense, the software provider, thinking maybe they put me on the list, but received a brush off response telling me to contact my organization about its Internet Access Policy:

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    It's my fault and I apologize. It's all those typos I submit. Spellcheck finally collapsed under the endless strain and fell into an endless loop, a cyber "black hole" that devours bandwidth until the entire virtual universe collapses into an impenetrable singularity.

    Access to your site has not been cut off. Visitors are still swarming to this site but are now required to enter in single file rather than gaining immediate access which can seem like access has been denied.

    You know… it COULD be due to some other reason too. I've been wrong before. But I apologize anyway…. just in case.

    I kinda don't have a problem with this. We shouldn't be paying people to be reading blogs all day. Many organizations do this for productivity.

    Of course reading your blog is much better than the people at the SEC downloading porn instead of taking care of Madoff. I wonder if you are blocked there as well?

    Golabki sounds pretty darn suspicious to me, so I added you to my blogroll. Now just don't block me, or we won't be eating Slow Cooker Carnitas at my house this weekend.

    The headline "Navy allows Legal Insurrection" was too dangerous a political threat. Now that threat has been eliminated.

    Web Sense is a lousy web filter that a lot of commercial companies use to block employee access to porn and other sites. I saw it block my access to Atlas Shrugs once, because it assumed the site was a gym, and gyms were against the company's policy. I suspect the word "Insurrection" may have triggered the ban — some dope probably figured it must be a site promoting actual insurrection.

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