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    Act of War

    Act of War

    That’s what Caroline Glick says of the WikiLeaks document dumps:

    Make no mistake about it, the ongoing WikiLeaks operation against the US is an act of war. It is not merely a criminal offense to publish hundreds of thousands of classified US government documents with malice aforethought. It is an act of sabotage.

    Like acts of kinetic warfare on military battlefields, WikiLeaks’ information warfare against the US aims to weaken the US. By exposing US government secrets, it seeks to embarrass and discredit America in a manner that makes it well neigh impossible for the US to carry out either routine diplomacy or build battlefield coalitions to defeat its enemies.

    I tend to agree with Glick on this. 

    The scope and indiscriminate nature of the WikiLeaks document dumps is what distinguishes it from the type of selective leaking which is a Washington tradition, or even the time-to-time revelations by The NY Times and other papers. 

    WikiLeaks is not about good government or anything else; it is the electronic equivalent of anarchy directed primarily at the United States.

    We are in the process of constructing a Cyber Warfare command center in Texas.  There’s a reason we call it “cyber warfare.”

    Whether it’s an electronic intrusion, or a data dump onto a CD, the purpose is disruption of the government’s ability to build international coalitions and to function in the hot war against al-Qaeda, and the not-yet-hot war against Iran and its allies Hezbollah and Hamas.

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    sort of runic rhyme | December 5, 2010 at 5:08 am

    We don't know if WikiLeaks' mission fits into a larger picture of conflict, but the outfit appears to want to damage our ability to advance national interests, from war to trade. Assange's merry band of cyber saboteurs could be an independent non-state group or even a front, witting or no, for shadow interests, possibly those of another State. (I blame Soros and his not-at-all Open Society for everything, including missing socks from the dryer. [oh, I see Juba got there first;]) WikiLeaks dumps might be orquestrated by domestic and foreign enemies, or even be "permitted" sabotage embedded with our intentional misinformation and revelations. All I can figure is we're being played but that it's no joke.

    Cyber warfare is an extension of politics by nearly unscalable means. Somebody met the hardened Iranian nuclear threat with a computer sneak attack in an almost poetically executed, certainly justified act of brilliant belligerence. OTOH, a cyber-based attack on the US with the whole world watching was met with our pixellated paralysis– charges of sexual misconduct and a letter telling Assange to stop dumping and leaking on us that left him free to keep doing just that. We are told freelancers(?) mounted a DDoS attack on WikiLeaks for temporary relief. Either this administration is impotent, wanted the leaks for some useful or selfish reason, or is taking some effective action we're not privy to.

    We'll still have hot war maybe forever, with sovereign missiles and rogue bombs wreaking horrible, mostly containable damage. Seems we're getting closer, though, to the existential danger– and promise– of cybertech and human gray matter melding into an unreckonable force, (said by someone whose idea of dealing with cyber terrorism is full-on armed conflict mode of flailing them when posts get vaporized by militant Etherists. Bet you wish one had struck just now ;))

    Anyway, we shouldn't get carried away over cyber war's downside, when there's global boiling, supercollider black holes, bio-engineered plagues, asteroids and Cthulhu going to kill us off, too.


    The information being 'leaked' by the WikiLeaks document dumps shows a group of conspirators totally committed to performing nefarious acts and lying about it all the while they perform these acts. The very same group of conspirators then tell you that the leaker has jeopardized the integrity of USA.

    And _YOU_ (William A. Jacobson, Associate Clinical Professor, Cornell Law School) of course blindly accept the stories by the conspirators.

    Countries have agencies that "create news". False or misleading stories are written and planted with the hopes that our news media will pick up on them and distract or redirect the public. Realize that many people lie and do so quite frequently. Those that are very good liars, often can rise to positions of power. They often use misdirection and create or feed other conflicts to take attention off of the truth.

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. – George Orwell

    So again tell us this is an act of war against whom?

    Ema Nymton
    [email protected]:o?

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