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    “a discussion with the likes of Brad DeLong is not productive”

    “a discussion with the likes of Brad DeLong is not productive”

    That’s the title of a post by Law Professor Stephen Bainbridge about Economics Professor Brad DeLong, of U.Cal Berkeley, in which Bainbridge collects links about DeLong from a variety of academic bloggers who have had the misfortune of having to deal with DeLong.

    I really don’t know much about DeLong, except that everytime I read about him someone is pointing out what an offensive person he is.

    So I guess I should be flattered that DeLong has written a blog post entitled “Cornell University Has Some Explaining To Do: Why Oh Why Can’t We Have Better Academics?/William Jacobson Edition.”

    Prof. Bainbridge ended his post with this wish about Prof. DeLong:

    “With luck, this’ll be the last time his toxic style of intellectual thuggery and execrable personality will be mentioned in these pages.”

    Me too.  Except somehow, I doubt it.

    (By the way, other than the invective, the DeLong post consists mostly of regurgitating a piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates, which I refute here.)

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    What absolutely burns me to no end is that it is always certain characters…mainly those on the left side of the issue and those with a (D) after their name…that refuse to let the racial issue die. I was born in 1965, went to fully desegregated public schools here in South Carolina from 1st to 12th grade and have had the same opportunities as my black brothers and sisters. Why is it that these same characters want to keep it going? We all know the answer and as soon as the right starts ignoring the howling and poo-flinging it WILL die down. Oh, of course it will get louder and more furious for awhile but don't all kids that throw tantrums exhibit the same behavior? When they realize that their audience isn't responding they give up. I implore everyone to "turn their backs" to charges of racism.

    @William A. Jacobson (12/28 6:53 AM) – Prof. Jacoboson cites the tweet posted in an update as evidence to support his accusation against Mr. Yglesias. One presumes Prof. Jacobson was unaware of the tweet when he put up the original accusation, as it was not cited then.

    Apparently Prof. Jacobson still considers his original post — which issued an accusation without providing supporting evidence — to be acceptable even though he believes (as stated in his original post) that such an action by Mr. Yglesias to be despicable.

    Notice that the question of "tactic" here is independent of the truth of the two allegations: 1) That Gov. Barbour is a racist (an allegation that Mr. Yglesias has not, to the best of my knowledge, expressly issued), and, 2) that Mr. Yglesias's intent was to call Gov. Barbour a racist (an allegation that Prof. Jacobson expressly issued).

    Jim Bales

    @JimBales – at this point, you just keep repeating yourself when you don't like the answers. Yglesias' tweet confirmed what was an obvious reading of his post (as also confirmed by reaction in the blogosphere and by Barbour), and if that was not his intent, then he would not have titled his post the way he did.

    What Jacobson does seems not able to understand is that Yglesias' post is entirely accurate. Barbour clearly expresses pride in the citizens council's exclusion of the KKK, which is not dissimilar to a German expressing pride in the Nazi's ability to run the communists out of the country.

    The fact is: Barbour expressed pride in a white supremacist group. There are no two ways about it. Yglesias' tweet simply repeats the statement of this fact.

    @CaptainQuirk – Barbour didn't express "pride in" or "affection for" the Councils. He stated a historical fact which no one seems to be disputing; if you want to say his answer was incomplete that's fine, but the answer was spun in a way which was sure to get media attention by portraying him as sympathetic to segregation and white supremacy.

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