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    TSA Seeks Ban On International Packages Over 1lb.

    TSA Seeks Ban On International Packages Over 1lb.

    Via Doug Garrett comes word that the TSA requested that international carriers ban airmail packages headed to the U.S. which weigh over one pound.  Garrett links to this report in the Japan Times:

    Japan Post Services Co. said it will stop accepting airmail packages bound for the United States weighing 453 grams (1 pound) or more starting Wednesday because airlines will stop such delivery at the request of U.S. aviation authorities as part of antiterrorism measures.

    The postal services arm of Japan Post Holdings Co. handles 16 million letters and packages by air and sea to the U.S. annually, and “15 percent of that will be affected,” a Japan Post spokesman said. That means about 200,000 packages a month will be affected.

    The company said it will accept packages from senders that use a service enabling them to pay after delivery instead of beforehand, a service designated for regular customers, even if a package weighs 453 grams or more. The company will notify the public of any changes in the situation, the spokesman said.

    The Transportation Security Administration of the U.S. has informed air carriers of the 453-gram rule, and carriers notified Japan Post Services, the spokesman said. The rule applies not only to packages from Japan but from other countries.

    According to the report, Fedex, UPS and DHL do not plan to comply, yet.  James Fallows at The Atlantic has other links as well.

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    I sense a trend:

    Muslim terrorists hijack plane using box cutters–TSA reaction: no more weapons such as box cutters, fingernail clippers etc. allowed through security.

    Muslim terrorists attempt to blow up planes using explosives in shoes–TSA reaction: everybody takes off their shoes.

    Muslim terrorists attempt to blow up planes using liquid explosives–TSA reaction: no more liquids over 3 ounces on planes.

    Muslim terrorists attempt to blow up planes using underwear bombs–TSA reaction: everybody subjected to nude scanning and sexual assault.

    Muslim terrorists attempt to blow up planes using mail bombs–TSA reaction: no more packages over 1 pound.

    Do you see the trend? What's next? When a Muslim attempts to blow up a plane, or blows up a plane, using an explosive inserted in their rectum what will be TSA reaction be? Will it finally be recognizing that its Muslim terrorists trying to blow up our planes and as a result interviewing every single one like the Israelis do? Absolutely NOT — their response will be no more passengers allowed on planes!

    I guess the terrorists will just have to get accustomed to blowing up ships instead of planes now. Poor deprived babies.

    Hmmm… Not sure I want to see "TSA" and "package" in the same post right now.

    The US government takes a sweepingly restrictive action, and Americans only learn about it via the foreign media.

    Guess my Swedish snus shipments will soon be history. First there was the "PACT ACT" (banned shipments of tobacco products via USPS), which jacked up my shipment costs from about $6 to $20. Now this.

    Is it my imagination, or are they just trying to isolate us and make us miserable? If so, they're doing a great job. Thanks a$$holes!

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