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    The TSA Screening Line Is The New Town Hall

    The TSA Screening Line Is The New Town Hall

    There has been so much written about the outrages by TSA agents during screenings, that I won’t belabor the details. 

    In a nation already revolting at the ballot box against overly intrusive government, the prospect of having your junk fondled out of bureaucratic inflexibility and political correctness is feeding the anger.  Providing security at airports and generally is a perfectly appropriate role for government.  But the seemingly mindless TSA screening procedures show what happens when bureaucracy takes over.

    I mostly agree with Doug Mataconis that Obama is completely tone deaf on this issue:

    Obama’s response strikes me as being politically tone deaf. In the face of outrage over Americans being groped by TSA agents, children being man-handled in a bizarre procedure that makes no logical sense, and people being exposed to the humiliation of having prosthetic breasts removed or being covered in their own urine, Obama’s “Too bad, you’ve gotta do it anyway” response is a sign of how far removed from reality the Presidency makes a person.

    I disagree with that last clause, however, because not all Presidents would fail to feel the people’s pain.  The aloofness of this President is unique.

    The TSA screening line is the new Town Hall. 

    Citizen reporters have been filming TSA screenings and posting the videos on YouTube, much like citizen reporters filmed arrogant Congressmen treating Town Hall participants dismissively and arrogantly.

    And there is another connection between the TSA screenings and the Town Halls. 

    The frustration which boiled over in the summer of 2009 was a reaction to fears about giving the federal government the ultimate power over our bodies through the control of health care. 

    The TSA screening fiasco should remind people of why they opposed government control of health care. 

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    We started down this slippery slope a long time ago when we allowed them to get away with banning smoking on flights. Start with something that a lot of people agree with and continue one little step at a time until now, and ultimately we will be looking up the sign on the gate: 'Arbeit macht frei'.

    pasadenaphil wrote:
    Since airports and environs have been declared "constitution-free zones", aren't they immune from any discrimination lawsuits that could arise from using common sense and concentrating the most intense scrutiny on those most likely to be terrorists? Like Middle East Muslim males who aren't frequent fliers?

    Well it is good to know that you are acknowledging that the type of security you want is against the constitution,but if it is do you realistically expect any airline will ever adopt it? and that there wont be lawsuits over it? You're going to profile muslims only and ignore all other threats (like tim mcveighs,drug traffickers) and single out varoius muslims for treatment like pat downs which you would sue over. And they are going to sue the govt and win.

    I expect congress will yield; they'll create the equivalent of a HIPAA form that all of us travelers can sign, stating that we understand that our nude images will not be misused, improperly stored, and – certainly – never used as the object of masturbation.
    What the world needs is a yellow burka with "Hey TSA, don't tread on my teabag" printed on it. That'd torment them.

    Why does a jihadi even need to get to the airplane? There are hundreds of people milling about the security area and all one needs to do is simply walk up and BOOM! As they say in chess, Check!

    jr565: First of all, you are mischaracterising what I said.

    Profiling is not a dirty word and it is not against the constitution. It is based on common sense. For fear of offending an ethnic group that claims to be too intimidated to police their own, we have to surrender the constitutional rights of everyone else.

    The truth is that we are now inconveniencing at least 99% too many people and at great expense. It is nothing but a kabuki exercise intended to make us feel safe because "the government has it under control".

    I heard at least 3 "experts" today justify this exercise of public molestation claiming that "the red alert is blinking furiously". Well, if the threat IS that serious, why don't we NAME the enemy and then GO AFTER the enemy?

    I don't buy this under Obama any more than I bought into the "red light/green light" game Bush played. Profiling is the way to go and if the Muslims don't like it, help us by policing your own. It's not like they intend to integrate into our culture. If they insist on having their own separate culture, they should police it themselves because they won't like the way we do it.

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