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    Political Decapitation

    Political Decapitation

    The Democrats face a political decapitation tomorrow. 

    Dozens of senior Democratic Party leaders in the House and Senate, and in Statehouses around the country, are likely to lose.  Unlike Republicans in 2008, there is no next generation of Democratic leaders. 

    Who are the Democratic Party equivalents of Marco Rubio, Mitch Daniels, John Thune, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan or Eric Cantor?

    The Republican Party has numerous rising stars.  I cannot think of a single Democratic Party rising star. 

    Can you?

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    This is also not an endorsement! But have you seen the ads Andrew Cuomo is running (at least in upstate NY)? He promises spending cuts, regulatory cuts, and no new taxes. It's almost as if he's running on the Tea Party platform.

    Since he has all but won the election, I HOPE he follows through on these promises. On the other hand, I EXPECT he won't.

    PS – Is he running the same ads in NYC, or is he making liberal pie-in-the-sky promises?

    Mark Warner is a Democratic rising star. If he doesn't challenge Obama in 2012, I suspect he'll be a prominent contender for the Democrats in 2016.

    You didn't really think that was Bye Bayh, did you? He'll be back. But he's not rising yet. I think that the next rising stars in the democrat ranks will be moderates (what we used to call "liberals" before "liberal" came to mean "socialist sack of . . ." anyway), ones who genuinely love and "get" America. That may be wishful thinking, but if the dems don't purge the radical progs and unhinged loons from their party, there will be no democratic party left for any stars to rise in.

    Keith Ellison is a "rising democratic star". Five pointed star, actually.

    Have all forgotton how long it takes to become a rising star in the Democratic Party? It took "O"..What a year and a half?

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