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    Mosques Attacked Again, Stop The Hate

    Mosques Attacked Again, Stop The Hate

    And once again, not here.  In Pakistan:

    At least 65 people were killed Friday afternoon in a suicide bombing at a mosque in northwestern Pakistan filled with worshipers, the latest major terrorist strike on houses of worship in the country.

    Pakistani television reported that militants also carried out a grenade attack on a mosque in the Badhber area outside Peshawar. According to initial reports, three worshipers were killed and 15 were injured in that attack Friday evening.

    World outrage to follow.

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    Yeah, 'cause all I see are heads of state nodding approvingly of the carnage. Seriously, the world is mostly apathetic when one segment of a country's populace murders another segment in the same country. The point you're making seems petulant and without merit to me. If you are seriously contending that the failure of the world to voice sufficient outrage to one atrocity justifies an allowance for another such act then go right ahead. I would love to hear that reasoning.

    One reason not to yell 'Islamophobia!' at Muslims who blow up mosques is that it's gone beyond the yelling stage at that point. At the point of actual violence, past or really imminent, one coolly and rationally does what one can to stop the actors involved, killing them if necessary, tracking them down, capturing them, killing them if they can't be captured, in order to stop them, and, if possible, get information from them by lawful techniques that actually work (as opposed to ones that make you feel all butch).

    When Christians, "Christians", and Jews worthy of cherem yell against a mosque's creation, it is entirely expectable for others to yell back (even though I think it were better to just cooly and rationally wait the Mobile Party out, going to court where necessary).

    And if the minister of a régime based on tyranny and religious persecution speaks in a way consonant with its nature, one…yawns.

    Sorry about the misspelling: it should be "coolly" in both instances.

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