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    How’s That Gravitas Workin’ For Ya?

    How’s That Gravitas Workin’ For Ya?

    Remember, when you hear about how important it is that the next Republican nominee for President have “gravitas,” the following have been designed by people with gravitas:

    • The TSA’s scanning and groping system.
    • Obamacare.
    • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the mortgage bubble.
    • Our tax code.
    • Our federal and state budget deficits.
    • Our immigration system.
    • (feel free to add more in the comments)

    We need gravitas, because gravitas has worked so well so far.

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    "Surely, Professor, you don't think that any guy picked randomly off the street can effectively lead the nation?"

    I think that any guy (or gal) picked randomly off the street LIKELY can MORE effectively lead the nation.

    It's time for humanity to escape the gravitas well.

    The real problem seems to me to be that the terms 'gravitas' and 'pragmatic' have been launched and used by, almost exclusively originally, by the dolts of the MSM.

    I mean, really. Separate any of the names and videos from the prouncemientos of the MSM 'reporters', 'journalists', 'pundits', and/or generic 'talking heads' from the text gushed forth and see how much of it makes any sense.

    The Coastal Credentialed Elite that considers itself the arbiter of "Conventional Wisdom" is a dumb as a bag of hair, as a collective entity.

    Words like 'gravitas' and 'pragmatic' really means "we think we can roll these people into doing what we think is right." They're empty shells into which the MSM Morons can pour any policy they like.

    To Hell with all of them.

    Sheesh. Couldn't have been better. My word verification for the previous post was:



    In their day, people thought Jeff Davis had gravitas, but not Lincoln.

    Gravitas is a useful thing but hardly dispositive and whether one has it is best left to the judgement of history, anyway.

    Perhaps an of over representation 'gravitas' was not what got us all those wonderful things, but rather an over representation of Ivy Leaguers. Its an idea.

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