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    Bring It On

    Bring It On

    Just thought you’d want to know I have time and inclination.

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    Sorry for being late on this thread, I'm a bit slow and didn't know what it was about. Just for the record though, nothing has changed with me about how I feel about this blog. I think the reaction to Kathleen was over the top and besides, those of us who comment at these blogs are a very, very small minority of the audience who take the time to visit and read.

    I doubt many visitors read our comments so I wouldn't make too many assumptions about what a couple of pissed-off commenters opinions reveals about the broad non-commenting audience. When one of us posts a hissy comment declaring that we are "through with this blog", we take with us an audience of one.

    This remains one of my very favorite blogs. It's less that I agree with most of what you say than about the information, insights, humor and integrity. Nothing has changed. (And the comment threads here are also among the best. I don't usually comment but I always read them).

    I'm late too. But..

    I found the title and the invitation humorous.

    I felt, from way over here at this laptop, that your mood was more fun than anything. It's your space here. Do what you want.

    I have strong feelings about worshipping false idols, political or otherwise. The more passionate the engager becomes over defending their idol, the more lost I am of their logic and reasoning abilities. Not to mention the failed expectations and fallout when the 'letdown' occurs.

    I don't feel Kathleen stirred the pot, so to speak, but that when she put the spoon in, it was just coming to a boil anyway.


    I know I might be late with a question, but I'd appreciate your opinion on the following:


    "Of course, targeted assassinations are abhorrent, but . . . "

    I picture M. Atta using this same line at the strip bar on 9/10.

    Let's please leave the evil of "my ends justify any means" to Pol Pot and the immoderate left.

    Mr. Jacobson – people are approaching the privatization of Social Security, Medicare, etc. from the wrong direction. What is so important is the short-term effect on the economy not the long-term. If we privatize over $1 trillion annually of payroll taxes, place them in individual taxpayer accounts and immediately invest them in the stock market – multiplier effect will explode the annual increase in GDP to over 15% and the DOW to over 20,000. It will create millions of jobs, reverse inflation and put America back on the road to exceptionalism. We should not give China a pass here – we should bury her economically.

    Your dismissal of a retirement plan based on stock investment is unwarranted – even though it is universally promoted. Think about it. What is the investment vehicle for over 100 thousand pension plans? Yes many are under water – but my plan revives them. Over three million Federal employees have stock-based personal investment accounts – The Thrift Savings Plan ( individually owned – just like privatization).

    Why can Federal employees have a privatized plan invested in stock and the rest of us not? Further why does the only Chilean privatized fund that invested in US Mutual Funds have a 10% annual return for over 30 years?

    Your command dismissal of funding retirement in the stock market is a purely a short-term "fear" response to the havoc the NINJA loan fiasco has visited upon us. The truly conservative response is a belief in the LONG-TERM viability of the free market system and the place such values are stored – the stock market (not the fluctuations therein).

    It just so happens that in 40-year increments the S&P; 500 has averaged a 9.8% return since 1871. My plan would generate a much better rate in the future. The tables are all on my site.

    Of course my plan would also result in the biggest tax cut in history, cut the annual Federal budget by 40%, save the cities, counties and states from pension bankruptcy by establishing one national pension and health care for the elderly…it does so much more including the most important aspect of life – ending endemic poverty.

    I'm sure you have a million questions – most should be answered on the above site. There is also a free book – "How to Make the Poor Rich and America Wealthier" you can download.

    Start thinking about prosperity and let's all stop thinking about austerity.

    I will shortly be introducing the Prosperity Commission into which I invite all Americans to join. It will counter the deleterious effects of our 18-memeber Debt Commission.

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