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    “You Are A Disgrace To My Alma Mater”

    “You Are A Disgrace To My Alma Mater”

    So says Nevada reporter and political guru Jon Ralston about me.

    Some background. 

    I have been critical of Ralston for months over the way he has covered the Harry Reid – Sharron Angle Senate race.  While Ralston presents himself as a muckraking but neutral investigative journalist and talk show host, there has been — in my view — a decidedly pro-Harry Reid tilt to his muckraking, as I have pointed out time and again and again.

    Ralston has jumped on every central meme pushed by the Reid campaign about Sharron Angle being crazy and dangerous and extremist.  Ralston was on Chris Matthews’ Hardball earlier this week yucking it up with Matthews about Angle’s supposed call for armed insurrection.

    Yesterday, Ralston jumped on the evolving meme that Angle was race-baiting voters in Nevada based on an advertisement about illegal aliens.  Here was Ralston’s tweet, linking to an article in Slate magazine comparing the Angle ad to an ad run by Jesse Helms:

    The words “Might be good for her base!  Race-baiting works?” were Ralston’s words. 

    Ralston is entitled to express his opinions on race-baiting, armed insurrection, and all the other Reid attack points.  But if he is going to do so, he needs to be prepared to defend his positions, not hide behind his supposed journalistic neutrality, or act as if he merely is reflecting what others are saying. 

    So I called Ralston out on the “race-baiting” language:

    Ralston’s response was to send me a “direct message” denying that he accused Angle of race-baiting (erroneously claiming he merely was reflecting what the Slate article said) and calling me names:

    Ralston also sent out a public tweet calling me a “shill.”

    I wear my political opinions on my sleeve, and anyone who reads my posts can evaluate my arguments — and the links backing up my arguments — with that in mind.  Ralston should do the same.  Don’t pretend to be something you are not, and then resort to name-calling when someone calls you out on it.

    As to who is a disgrace to Ralston’s alma mater, I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.

    Update:  In other Nevada news, Rasmussen just released a poll (h/t HotAir) indicating that voters are breaking towards Angle, 50-46.  This is similar to a FoxNews/Pulse research poll (which uses Rasmussen’s methodology) showing Angle up 49-46.
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    No A.M. Daly, it's not a joke. An Undeserved Race-Card is NEVER EVER A JOKE, Sir.

    And, if you think it a joke, then choke on that joke.

    This country is being ripped apart by Obama & Co for a ends-justifies-the means Socialist agenda. It is no joking matter, SIR.

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