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    So This Means We Get To See Obama’s College And Law School Records, Right?

    So This Means We Get To See Obama’s College And Law School Records, Right?

    Right?  I mean, all we now have to do is to run to this Judge in Alaska and point out that if Joe Miller’s confidential personnel file from a prior employer needs to be made public because running for Senate is so important, certainly we are entitled to more information about Obama than he tells us in his books, right?

    From the Anchorage Daily News, Judge orders Miller documents released:

    In an unusual weekend hearing, retired Superior Court Judge Winston Burbank ruled that the public’s right to know about candidates outweighed Miller’s right to privacy.

    “I hold that although Mr. Miller has a legitimate expectation of privacy in those documents, Mr. Miller’s right to privacy is indeed outweighed by the public’s significant interest in the background of a public figure who is running for the U.S. Senate,” the judge said. He noted that U.S. senator is among the highest elected offices in the nation.

    This makes perfect sense on the face of it.  Alaska, here we come.

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    Oh goody, another day, another politician using a friendly court to issue the Jack Ryan judicial ruling to effectively destroy a political opponent forever to further one's political ambition. Amazingly, it is only applied to Conservatives or Republicans who posed a threat to the political establishment.

    GoViralOnBarney | October 25, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    DinoRightMarie beat me to it. This is outrageous. Really, a breath-takingly stupid ruling. And if this ruling is allowed to stand, how much effect do you think it might have on people, especially non-professional politicians, running for office? Who will want to run if it means exposing all the private records in your past?

    Oh that's right. It only applies to conservatives.

    Now it makes sense.

    BTW, whatever happened to the all-powerful "right to privacy" that was the basis of an obscure ruling named Roe v. Wade?

    All we need to know about BO and his school records is that he never published one paper, ever, anywhere. That he never presented one paper at any conference, ever, anywhere. That he was not tenured, ever, anywhere. He has zero academic credentials; don't you think that he's that suck up kid who hangs around your office (well, you know, if you were a commie nutjob, anyway, so count your stars there) and agrees with everything you say (even when you're just saying you prefer mustard on your sandwich) and parrots you back to you in the feverish hope of getting an A that he doesn't deserve? That's what he reminds me of, and I've met my fair share of such students through the years.

    Sam Sewell | October 26, 2010 at 4:35 pm


    OK, AKA Obama forget your history after you were ten years old – How about just releasing your public school kindergarten records – Is that too much to ask?


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