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    Obama The Divider, Part 101010

    Obama The Divider, Part 101010

    Obama — who actually did take substantial illegal foreign money for his campaign — is accusing Republicans of being quite unAmerican for supposedly taking foreign money as part of this election cycle.

    Put aside the sheer audacity and falsity of this dopiness.

    This is exactly what I predicted time and time again about Obama’s seemingly psychological compulsion with demonizing his opponents.  It started during the campaign, and has continued unabated.

    I saw this coming, and have been correct in my observations about Obama:

    He just can’t help himself.  And I don’t think he can change.

    Next prediction, on which we can agree:  Hand-to-hand combat.

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    I cited a news report in the New York Times, not an editorial, which would indicate if the newspaper had taken a position on the matter. I know it must be tough in this day and age, but newspapers are supposed to report the news from a neutral vantage point – biased neither to the right nor to the left – and leave their opinions to the editorial page. I linked to the specific news article that I was referencing – you did not. I do not know if what you quoted appeared in the Times or Pravda (not that there is much of a difference) because you did not cite your quotation. I am not going to do your work for you. If you are successful in citing your reference, then we arrive at a point where there are conflicting accounts in news reports.

    I am not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV, so if I happened to misstate the proper enforcement authority for the FECA, you'll have to excuse me. In any case, I am unaware that there is any government authority, federal, state, local or otherwise, that is investigating the allegations that Barack Obama is making.

    Mr. Obama can either put up or shut up. For the love of God, man, he is the freakin' President of the United States – perhaps he should start acting like one instead of running off at the mouth like a two-bit city councilor.

    Furthermore, I am disinterested in your distraction about Republicans, Arabs, Chinese, etc., etc., They are not at issue here. Stick to the subject.

    Ok, so you now acknowledge that the voice of the Times, which is always expressed as an editorial, sides with my position. Thank you for finally seeing that.

    Now I wonder if you see any contradiction between your desire for an investigation of the Obama donations and the "distraction" of the Republican-Arab donations. My guess is, you probalby don't.


    They just don't make trolls like they used to, do they? I mean, this dude can't even hold his own with a lawn jockey. Pretty pathetic.

    Go back to Sorosville and tell them what a great job you're doing. I'm sure you'll get a gold star on your forehead.

    By the way, in this day and age, there's no excuse for misspelling any word in your posts.

    Part 101010 in binary is "42" in decimal. Or did you literally mean 101,010? 😉

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