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    New Video Exposes The False Narrative of the “Stomping” Victim

    New Video Exposes The False Narrative of the “Stomping” Victim

    I will not repeat all the facts in my prior posts, you are familiar by now with the scenario.  Let’s just say my instincts were right on this one.

    As I suspected, provocateur Lauren Valle was not so innocent.

    In an amazing videotape obtained by Redstate, Valle is shown rushing Rand Paul’s car and shoving something into the window before it had come to a stop and again charging him as he exited the vehicle — clearly provocative and threatening actions which should have alerted bystanders that she posed a danger.

    This completely debunks the left-blogosphere’s narrative that Valle was an innocent bystander who just happened to speak out against Paul when she was attacked by “Brownshirts.”

    Valle’s deliberately provocative and hostile actions led to her being pulled away from Paul.  This does not excuse the foot to the shoulders after the fact, but it does explain how the scuffle developed, contrary to the over-the-top narrative.

    My instincts also tell me also that the criminal charges against the “stomper” will not stick because he will claim (as he has) that he viewed Valle as a threat to Paul, and that he was trying to keep her down until the police could arrive.


    Update: The scenario is crystal clear in this video.  Valle charges the car for the first time (at 0:25) and pushes something into the open front passenger window where Paul was seated, she was then pulled back by security, she circled around the rear of the vehicle and approached from the front as Paul was exiting the car, ran towards him again and was pulled away again (0:55).  It is that second charge by her that led to her either tripping or being pulled to the ground, and the now famous foot to the upper back and shoulder to push her back down when she tried to get up.

    We have seen these provocateurs before in the environmental and other left-wing movements and particularly in the anti-Israel movement.  They are often young women who are ideologically driven to create a scene for the cameras.  Unfortunately, these stunts sometimes create unintended consequences in a highly charged circumstance, as happened here.

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    So they're complaining that someone posing as a supporter of Paul – carrying a Paul sign – got handled roughly? They didn't even know she was a member of the opposition. Doesn't that take something away from their case that its motivated from hatred of an anti-Paul protester and show that they were just trying to protect him?

    Cutting to the chase here, this is the video on youtube of Squeaky Fromme's attempted assassination of Gerald Ford. She rushed him and was also dressed in a red outfit. Crazy woman in the seventies, Crazy woman in 2010.

    I heard there were warrants issued for the men who tackled her. Go ahead arrest them. In their trial they should subpoena the local PD officers in charge of security and crowd control and ask them "Where were you guys?!"

    Trust me, one video of Squeaky, a couple of videos of the violence by the left this year and last, and no jury is going to hold them responsible for what they did.

    It is what it is.

    So now it's ok for a guy to assault a woman if she is a political opponent? Is this what this country has come to? An Ivy League law professor is more concerned with the motives of the victim, whatever they may be, than with condemning the perpetrators of criminal violence. Welcome to Tea Party America…

    How about you grab the woman, pull her away from the car and be done. Was it really necessary to kick her while she was down? She was obviously subdued and under control. Here, let me drag you to the ground and keep kicking you in the face. That's real classy/

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