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    NAACP’s Double-Standard On Display at One Nation Rally

    NAACP’s Double-Standard On Display at One Nation Rally

    Ben Jealous, President of the NAACP, has launched a high-profile media and web campaign to demand that people in the Tea Party movement renounce racist “elements” in the movement.  As I have posted before, Mr. Jealous took islolated, and in some cases planted, signs at Tea Party rallies to smear tens of millions of Tea Party supporters.

    At the One Nation rally yesterday, there was active and open participation by communist and socialist groups, so much so that even the New York Times could not ignore it (although the Times did not run photos of the banners and signs).

    In the NY Times article on the rally, Jealous was questioned about the communist and socialist participation in the rally.  Jealous did not apply the standard he applied to the Tea Party movement, and while not embracing the communist and socialist agenda, welcomed their participation:

    On Thursday Mr. [Glenn] Beck warned that the march included Marxist, Communist and revolutionary groups. Among the organizations endorsing the march were the Communist Party USA, the United Church of Christ, Jewish Funds for Justice, the National Urban League, the National Baptist Convention, People for the American Way and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

    “This is a big tent,” Mr. Jealous said. “Anyone who wants to stand up to create jobs and defend the jobs of teachers, police officers, nurses, firefighters — I say come on and join us.”

    He said the rally’s sponsors welcomed groups that endorsed their goals, including a higher minimum wage, immigration reform, improved public education and an end to the wave of foreclosures. But he said that did not mean that the organizers agreed with all the policies of every group that endorsed the rally.

    How about we now start a media campaign demanding that the NAACP renounce and repudiate the “communist and socialist elements” in the union and civil rights movement?  How about we insist that by failing to do so, the NAACP is in effect embracing the communist and socialist agenda?

    In the alternative, how about the NAACP apologizes to the Tea Party movement?

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    First, your links to the NAACP resolution calling out the Tea Party (Kansas City Star) are all dead. So I'll link to the press release about it and Ben Jealous' comments immediately afterward. Know what you criticize. And the NAACP has congratulated the steps taken to repudiate racism so far, including denouncing Mark Williams. Do you really think Williams was an unique case?

    Okay the Commies were 1 of the 300+ groups signed up. You're right. But I'm curious, what exactly about the Communist Party USA do you object to? What have they done that is so subversive as to require repudiation?

    Any other groups you can name that deserve denouncing? Or are you objecting to the UCC and Urban League?

    The commies were only one group that most Americans have problems with. The whole idea of socialism is one that I for one don't desire and I think I can speak for many. The problem is that as you look at our country, it is no longer the country of freedom that we grew up with and that we desire. It is just that the commies represent to many that loss of freedom. Then when you take into consideration that this president was elected by the efforts of many of these organizations and can easily be defined as a socialist, then you might see the problem with have with the whole concept.

    That is much of what the Tea Party is about. We are tired of both parties leading us down a path that we don't want to go. In fact, we really need a roll back to 1900 and eliminate much of what FDR and Wilson did to us. I don't think that many people feel that the coming elections is just about a role over of one party or another, it (hopefully) will be a referendum on the direction of our country. That is if the Republicans can get it right this time. Otherwise, I am afraid we are in for a very turbulent time.

    With NS above as the evidence, Gramsci was right.

    Ann Coulter was on O'Reilly and announced that the "One Nation" rally had too few whites in the crowd to be sufficiently racially balanced. (This is an argument made by the NAACP about the Tea Party rallies– "almost exclusively white" so "therefore they are racists!!!")

    She called upon the organizers to denounce their racist element. (Ha-ha-ha-hahahah!)

    Only two comments to get to Gramsci? World record!

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