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    Juan Williams Was Fox News’ “Lawn Jockey”

    Juan Williams Was Fox News’ “Lawn Jockey”

    And the award for the dumbest and most revealing comment from a prominent left-wing blog regarding the firing of Juan Williams goes to “DougJ” at Balloon-Juice:

    “Juan Williams’ firing did not happen in a vacuum.  It happened in the context of him having been the official Fox News lawn jockey stooge for years.”

    Oh, he did a strike-through, so he didn’t really mean it and it’s not a firing offense, right?

    Note:  Based on the comments over there, it appears the strike-through was added only after people complained, so yes, the author did intend to call Juan Williams a “lawn jockey,” and yes, as one of my readers commented, the folks who run Balloon-Juice also are the first to call conservatives racist.

    See my prior post Saturday Night Card Game (Balloon Juice) quoting John Cole, lead blogger at Balloon-Juice (emphasis mine):

    “The funny thing about all of this is that no matter how bad all their ideas are, no matter how disastrous their governance has been, no matter how many horrible things they have done to the economy and this country, what really is killing the Republican party is that deep down, they are just complete assholes. You see it in the way they treat women, you see it in the way they treat minorities, you see it in the way they treat homosexuals, you see it in the way they treat anyone who is not a white Christian, and you see it in the way they treat anyone who disagrees with them slightly about anything. They just have no respect for anyone, and it shows.”


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    Yeah, but John Cole is kinda a idiot. Logic and critical thinking is not his strong suit. Apparently DougJ is more of the same. Obviously Williams is the wrong kind of black liberal. Therefore a racial slur is ok.

    The Balloon Juice crowd lives in a tightly sealed echo chamber. That Cole used to be a Republican somehow adds some legitimacy to his boilerplate ramblings, which are incoherent and rather hypocritical. The blog actually used to be readable, but Cole himself is slowly becoming delusional. And his commenters eat it up, like so many lemmings.

    DougJ is primarily the court dunce.

    John Cole over at Balloon Juice was the first explorer of the path to crazy taken by Charles Johnson.

    Williams probably shouldn’t have lost his job over a single incident, but he wasn’t regretting his latent racism, but defending it.

    Right on Daniel,

    And wasn't the recent worldwide apoplexy centered around some backwater pastor threatening to burn a Koran a perfect case-in-point regarding everyone's fear of some Muslims? Everyone from the president on down was urging the pastor to stand down because they feared the violent reaction of some Muslims.

    I think a few quotes from Gates, Patreus, Clinton, et. al. expressing this exact fear…the same fear Williams expressed…would be a good next step for Williams. If he was interested in perusing the topic.

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