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    David Brock of Media Matters Issues A Challenge, And I Challenge Back

    David Brock of Media Matters Issues A Challenge, And I Challenge Back

    David Brock, the founder of Media Matters, has a really important demand which requires everyone’s immediate attention:

    Media Matters’ Brock challenges Palin to release tapes

    “Sarah Palin has made serious accusations of journalistic malfeasance. Either Palin accurately described the tapes, or she did not. America’s news consumers need to know the truth about these serious accusations. The public in Alaska needs to know the truth so they are fully and correctly informed before they cast their ballots Tuesday. Palin has a responsibility to release the full, unedited tapes publicly and to all media.”

    Now David Brock is not stupid.  He knows that there are no “tapes” to release.  The recording was left on the voicemail of a Joe Miller staffer, who has released the entire voicemail.  Even Greg Sargent has given up on the “release the tapes” meme.

    There is nothing Sarah Palin could release even if she wanted to.  The recording speaks for itself and shows that the CBS affiliate in Alaska was hoping to find “registered sex offenders” at a Joe Miller rally or a fight, so that it could report that angle as the Joe Miller story of the day.

    Is this the best Media Matters, with all its Soros money, can do?

    I have a challenge, as well:

    “Legal Insurrection Blog challenges David Brock to refuse to accept donations to Media Matters from currency manipulators and speculators who want to undermine our national sovereignty.”

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    Well, like KDNC-TV said, it was all taken out of context, you see. It's just a weird coinky-dink that the TV babbling heads are never caught doing something like this to Dem candidates.

    I'm guessing for Media Mutters the charges will somehow not be serious now that they are proven, but rationalized away as unimportant and not worth "diverting" public attention on.

    More and more it is becoming clear that none of them matter. Their only purpose is to provide in kind contributions to the Democratic Party. Time to just smile and pat them on the head and tell them that they are of no consequence.
    While being true, it has the added benefit of driving them crazy.

    I challenge Media Matters to produce a tape, voice mail, text message, smoke signals where national social media journalists are blithely talking about ways of torpedoing a Democratic campaign.

    Note: I'm not asking Media Matters to prove a negative.

    How about they just eschew donations from people who acted as Kapos for the Nazis? On second thought forget that. How about they stop carrying water for the philosophies of a man who acted as a Kapo during the Nazis regime?

    The primary characteristic required to be a liberal these days is the inability to feel shame. A man like Soros could never have a home on the right no matter his philosophies. Ayers could not exist on the right. Any decent person would be ASHAMED to be associated with such people. But the left lionizes them.

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