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    I was thinking of holding this one back for a special occasion, but I just couldn’t wait.  If the world were to end tomorrow, I would not want you to perish without having seen this.

    Sent to me by a reader, this photo was taken in the spring of 2009 at Tysons Corner Center, McLean, VA.  Enlarge and enjoy:

    You know the best thing about this?  This guy has gone from having the coolest car in town in the afterglow of Obama’s inauguration, to having the most embarrassing set of wheels in the nation.

    Nonetheless, I think I know someone who may be interested in buying it.

    (Photo courtesy of proprietor of DC Handgun Blog)

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    If that car's owner tries to take all those bumper stickers off, the car would just… fall apart!


    It has a BO bobble head on it's dash board, lol!!!

    "It has a BO bobble head on it's dash board"

    It also has a bobblehead in the driver's seat.

    Re your prognostication:

    "Nonetheless, I think I know someone who may be interested in buying it."

    Well, he better buy quickly because if the Sunshine poll down there is correct, Grayson will be out of a job very soon!

    gads… that 2008 Hippie-mobile is a scream!

    Wonder who they will donate it to… the Smithsonian?

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