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    The Party of Whatever

    The Party of Whatever

    Because not having an ideological purity test means we must have no test at all, no standards, no principles.

    All that matters is the long shot possibility that if the planets are in alignment and the cards all fall into place in every Senate race across the country, but not so many that we win enough to have a two seat majority, it may happen that the Delaware Senate election will decide the fate of the country.

    Let’s not let reality intrude into this fight of fancy, for we are open-minded big tent people; not only have we lowered the price of admission, we are prepared to eliminate admission tickets altogether.

    Because we support Nancy Pelosi’s cap-and-trade bill, the Disclose Act, and were dead set against the Iraq surge:


    We are who we are, and we are willing to be who they are if that is what it takes.


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    I wish I'd read this piece of commentary first, before I commented on your later post:

    "But instead Castle supporters turned it into a referendum on CoD's mortgage, college degree, etc. Castle should have debated her, defended his ideas and record, and it he chose, attack her record face-to-face."

    Whereas, I suppose, you're perfectly fine with O'Donnell's supporters spreading the meme that Castle had a gay affair. And that he planned to leave the Republican Party at the first chance after he took his Senate seat. Neither of which was ever substantiated, whereas Castle's charges about O'Donnell were all TRUE.

    So, is that the kind of "conservative" you want representing Republicans? If so, congratulations, but you can count this lifelong Republican OUT, at least for this race.

    John, I will oppose Scott Brown in the GOP primary if there is a more conservative candidate to vote for. I realize that principles are foreign concepts, but your kind's lack of them is the reason this country is in the mess its' in.

    If we're going to get Copperhead policies to betray the country, then why give them "bipartisan" cover?

    Here's the difference between a Dem, a RINO, and a TeaPartier: We read that the feds spent $800,000 on an AIDS campaign in Africa to persuade men to wash their nasty bits after sex. RINOs would OK the program if it only cost $350,000. A Tea Partier would not spend a red cent on the water, the soap or the obligatory instructional video. When one has the guts to say, "Cancel the program!", we've turned a corner.

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